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The irrepressible Gus Bradley

Starting out 0-2 with the NFL's worst offense hasn't gotten Gus Bradley down. As head coach of the Jaguars, Bradley conducted a teleconference with Seattle media Wednesday morning. He was the anti-Harbaugh, as he still has the upbeat and positive attitude we came to see from him in four seasons as DC for the Seahawks.

He was asked if his good nature was going to be tested this year taking over a franchise that was 2-14 last season. "We're trying to build something special," he said. "I had a unique opportunity with the staff to really revamp our culture. Our owner Shad Khan is amazing, our general manager (Dave Caldwell) is amazing, so it really gives me the freedom to share our message, the players have really embraced it. We’re still making some mistakes in our growth, but I really like our guys, I really like their attitude and their whole mentality."

Bradley admits it's been weird watching films of the Seahawks, and at times has found himself tempted to make comments about techniques certain players are using. "Those guys are playing really well, REALLY well," he said. "Dan Quinn and the whole defensive staff has really got them flying around. They're impressive to watch. I'm happy for them, they're playing at a high level. You see it's really coming together for them. I'm sure it's exciting."

He says he has a similar approach to Pete Carroll, but he also does some things differently and "that's just staying true to who I am."

"I think it’s important to be genuine with our guys, I try to be upbeat and positive and to go through this whole process that way is important to me, and the challenge is to always have that attitude and hold guys accountable, but our guys have responded well."

Being a head coach "... is a new challenge for me; to be  involved in all three phases and handle the outside things, my position with our team is to try to help everybody be at our best. I try to give our coaches the best opportunity to coach in an environment in which they can excel and that’s what we’re doing with our players."

He has no regrets having left a team like the Seahawks, which is atop the power rankings in most publications. "I’m just happy for those guys, I’m not going to stop caring for those guys out there, they’re very important.. I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in right now if not for those guys, so I hold them in high regard.. it’s just a new step. I’m really excited about our organization, we’re not where we want to be yet, but it doesn’t stop us from trying to get there as fast as we can."