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Earl Thomas on Gus Bradley

Both Earl Thomas and Gus Bradley talked about the close relationship they developed when Bradley was here as defensive coordinator.

Of Sunday's meeting with Bradley's Jaguars. "It’s gonna be weird because the relationship we built, but it’s going to be a great experience, that just goes with being in the NFL."

On his departure: "I wasn’t excited.. I wanted him to stay but that’s the nature of the business.. he made the best decision for his family."

Why they grew so close: "He made me feel comfortable from day one, it was not like a dad, but like an uncle to me, I was sad to see him leave."

On being unsurprised that Bradley would get a head coaching job: "I definitely  thought so because of the success we were having with the defense. He’s always positive and upbeat, 6 am. in the morning and he’s always fire up.. it’s a credit to what he did here in Seattle."