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Bevell points to penalties as main issue for offense

Here's what offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell had to say today:

(On his and Gus Bradley’s coaching relationship and knowing a good amount about each other…)  “We probably know little bit about each other, yes. I don’t know about every move but… We’re playing against our defense, so obviously we know things. But they know tons about us. And we’re always going to bring it back to ourselves – our execution and making sure we take of our business and not worry about that.”(On how he feels the offense’s execution has been through two weeks…)  “The execution has been okay but we’ve had things that have hurt us being able to get into a flow. So we’re executing some of our plays very well but we ended up having 10 penalties on offense last week and that ends up hurting the execution, so to speak. I think we’re doing a good job on some things but the penalties are something that we need to continue to work on, focus on.  We had six holds. I know that’s an emphasis that the league is working on so we’re preaching that all the time, Tom [Cable] is talking about it and really it comes down to running our feet, making sure that we stay in position athletically. We also had four other penalties – two false starts that we’ve got to cut those out. We lined up wrong one time – we’ve got to cut that out. And then Sidney [Rice] where he spun the ball and, you know, everyone has their own opinion on that play.  But those are things that hurt the execution when you’re calling plays for first-and-20, first-and-27 – those hurt you a little bit.”

(On what he saw from Russell Wilson, particularly early in the game vs. the 49ers…)  “Well number one, shoot I give credit to that defense. That’s an outstanding defense. They play hard. They have really great players over there. So that’s going to give anybody trouble. But Russell did fine. Russell did the things we were asking him to do. I know, whatever it was, 0 for 7, but there’s always circumstances that go into those plays - some things that he could have done, some things that the protection could have done, some things that the receivers could have done. So it doesn’t all go back to him. There are 11 guys out there that can help with the execution as well.”

(On how the offense will adjust with Russell Okung out this week…)  “Well, right now, we have to play that he’s not there. I always think the key for us – the issue is going to come down to protection would be the biggest thing for me.  All those guys can run-block well and Paul [McQuistan] is no different. But just understanding what his strengths are, what his weaknesses are, and as long as we don’t stay in one protection, then we can change it up on the defense. We’re not going to give him help every play, we’re not going to leave him by himself every play, but there’s just different things you can continue to do to give them different looks so they can’t just tee off on your protections.”

(On if it helps for McQuistan to get a week of practice at tackle, rather than being thrust into the role as he was on Sunday night…)  “Yeah, absolutely. I mean, last week, give credit to him, he did a great job of being able to step in there with no notice, no practice and just helping us being able to function. This week, he gets used to setting from out there, the speed off the edge – all those different things will help him be better this week.”

(On the offense being slow-starting in the past four games, including the playoff games last year…)  “Well I think the penalties have been something that have really killed us on drives because there’s a couple explosive gains that change the field position, particularly I think of the one that was kind of a two-minute situation right before the half where we had Sidney spin the ball and we had the hold the next play. We’re well into the other side of the field and those keep bringing us back. I think that’s one of our biggest issues right now is those penalties and not being able to keep ourselves in a flow because of that.  But like I said, there is a part of it that’s execution, but on a lot of things, we’re executing pretty well but we end up just so far back that it’s hard to overcome.”

(On if Rice will spin the ball anymore…)  “I don’t think he will. I’m betting no.”

(On the rapport between Marshawn Lynch and Derrick Coleman…)  “Yeah, D.C. has done a really nice job. Those two guys really have to be as one. I think Derrick’s really taken hold of the position. It’s something that’s new to him. So every week, from preseason to even the first game to the second game, you could see improvement from him. That’s only going to help Marshawn learning him, how he’s setting up the blocks, how he needs to help Derrick. It’s really cool to watch them work together.”

(On there really being something more in that running back – fullback relationship…)  “Yeah, there really is. Anticipating – there’s times the fullback is reading it like a runner, then there’s times he’s going in with a specific assignment to take care of. On those plays where he’s reading it like a runner, or where he’s a cleaner, that Marshawn keeps getting a feel for, ‘Oh, that’s how he reacts to those situations,’ how quickly he’s able to do it, when he can put his foot in the ground – I’m talking about Derrick, when making those adjustments – that gives Marshawn indicators of what he needs to do.”

(On if Christine Michael would get in the rotation if Spencer Ware is unable to play…)  “Yeah, he’ll probably be up if that happens.”(On Russell Wilson taking some hits on the read option play after handing the ball off…)  “Well I definitely don’t like the hit that he took, particularly the one. I would say, within the rule, the way the rule’s stated, it was probably perfect on their part, but I think there’s another part of the rule like the crown of the helmet and that issue that I would have had with that specific one – you’d like to see the guy put his head to the side, not lower his head and put it right in his chest. But as far as the timing of it, I think that guy was doing what he was coached and he was doing it within the rule. Then Russell took one hit on the sideline. You don’t like to see him take those hits. For the most part, you guys see, Russell does a great job with it. He understands what we’re asking him to do. A lot of times, he’s getting what he can and he gets down. Some of those are going to happen but we try to avoid those.”

(On if the advice to Wilson changes on how to avoid those hits…)  “Well I mean there are all different kinds of circumstances that happen. Like I said with the first one, I think it was well within the rule so we teach Russell how he can better react to that situation and then the one along the sideline where he ends up going out of bounds, you’d like to see him get out of bounds and avoid that hit, and for the most part he does. There was another one, later in the game, down on our left side where [Patrick] Willis was chasing him and he ran directly out of bounds and didn’t turn up the field. So it’s always a learning experience and he’s never going to come out of the game clean. There’s going to be times when he’s going to take a hit but we’re trying to avoid those.”

(On the running game coming on in week 2 vs. a strong front in San Francisco…)  “Yeah, we were pleased with that. We were pleased with our run game, that it improved. I think we did some things, like I said the week before, that we wanted to kind of hone in on the stuff that we wanted to do and not give them as much. We probably got a little too cute and creative the first week so it gave our players a little better simplicity, so to speak, I guess. But we gave them enough looks and issues that would cause them some problems. So I was happy with the step that we took there.”