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Carroll on Bradley: 'It’s a great prize when a guy gets the opportunity to move on'

Pete Carroll on Okung, Browner and facing Gus Bradley:

(On Russell Okung...) “He’s getting another opinion right now and he’s out of town to do that. So we will wait. We will wait on it. He won’t be able to play this weekend.”

(On how excited Coach Carroll was for Gus Bradley getting the head coach position for the Jaguars...) “Yeah I couldn’t be more excited about that. When our guys come here and we first start talking about them coming to work on their staff, really in the first conversation, I’m talking about, ‘I hope I can help you be the best you can be and get whatever you want in coaching and if there’s anything I can do to help you, I’m going to do that,’ and I want our guys to know that when they come to our staff. So, it’s a great prize when a guy gets the opportunity to move on and get the job of his dream and go for it. I know that means you’re always going to lose guys when guys go. But I’m ready for that and we’ll do that. But it’s really about seeing other guys do great things. It’s really exciting. So I’m real proud of that and I look forward to playing him.”

(On Chris Clemons and Brandon Browner...) “No. We haven’t practiced yet. Those guys are going to get work on the field today. [Chris] Clemons is going to go at regular clip just like anybody else. Brandon will be a limited than that until we can see how he’s doing and then we will have to see how the guys respond and see what happens at the end of the week. I don’t know right now. This is really a day-to-day deal for both those guys.”

(On the range of options of what’s wrong with Russell Okung...) “I don’t think there is a range. I don’t think it’s worth speculating on that right now. Let’s wait everybody zeros in and the doctors are all figured out on the right thing to do. They are working quickly. You know, trying to get everything all figured out. But he had to travel to get his next opinion. So we will just wait.

(On where Okung traveled to for a second opinion...) “I don’t know. I don’t know where he went.”

(On if he’s in Switzerland…) “Let me tell you this, he’s in the country.”

(On Paul Mcquistan taking Russell Okung’s place...) “Paul [McQuistan] is going to start the game. Yeah, Paul [McQuistan] is starting the game and playing and we will look forward  to him getting more comfortable at the spot with the work that he has this week and it will call for Alvin Bailey to step up and Michael Bowie have to step up and get them ready to play as well. That means that Carp [James Carpenter] will start at guard. If everything goes well during the week, that’s the plan right now.”

(On keeping the same message that was set last week this week as well...) “The message does stay exactly the same. It stays exactly the same. The highly hyped game is long gone. You know, that one is behind us. The message is for us is to be disciplined about the way that we prepare and it isn’t about who we are playing; it’s about how we prepare. It’s been that way for around four years now of talking this way and getting these guys convinced of how powerful that is and how that gives you, in my opinion, the best opportunity to be highly consistent and we do not want our play to vary based on who we are playing and we want to play the very best every time out. And, that’s why when we talk championship games, this game could be the one that makes the difference when you look back at the schedule and we are going to take this as the biggest opportunity that we could ever have and go for it with everything we have and see what happens. I’m looking for us… we have a lot of areas we have to improve in. We hurt ourselves too much in the first couple of games. We need to get out of our wave and see if we can clean up our football. That’s the details and fine points of the execution and the discipline it takes to not go outside the lines and get us in trouble, particularly with penalties. We are doing a nice job with the football, we are getting after the football, we are taking care of the ball. That’s the number one thing that we have to do. We need to keep that going. That emphasis has hit home. But there’s a lot of football that can be improved and that’s where we are hoping to continue to get better as we go through the schedule here.”

(On what it’s like to play against an assistant coaches that you've played with for so long...) “Well because of the familiarity, there’s a lot of information, as I started out telling, that is available and it’s how you utilize that and how you restrain from trying to overdo it. That’s the biggest challenge because we know so much. We normally don’t have that information in the regular week. There’s a trap there that you could over prepare for that. So we are trying to do a really good job of that and not put ourselves in a position where we’ve over tried. That’s one of my biggest issues with our team and our coaches and all of that, that we have to try the right amount that fits the situation and all of that and not put ourselves where we’re not as good as we could’ve possibly been. So that’s a problem and so we are trying to deal with that really well.”

(On changing play calls because of Gus Bradley...) “No, no, no. No, we don’t have to do that. He better change his signals I want you to know that.”

(On Paul McQuistan and James Carpenter’s performance against the 49ers...) “They did alright. Really, we felt very good about the first time out with no preparation for Paul [McQuistan]. I mean James [Carpenter ] had been working at guard, so that was not an issue and Paul is a really really smart player. He knows the calls and he knows it and he’s lived with this stuff for years with us. So he’s really good at it. So that part, the coordination aspect of it was fine. It’s just getting used to that monster coming off the left end there. That monster coming off the left edge there; number 99 [Aldon Smith] is pretty good. He wasn’t prepared. Paul [McQuistan] couldn’t have been prepared for some of the finesse things that we did in protections and stuff. He just didn’t have a snap at it. So hopefully and likely will be much better in regards to that kind of stuff just because we’ve got all week in prep. But he did just fine. We’re happy with surviving the game under those circumstances.”

(On preparing to play against assistant coaches that you have played with or does it come naturally...) “I think, as I witnessed it, the whole process is that. The whole process should be preparing guys because they’re constantly challenged with, ‘what do you think? And, how would you do this? And what does this mean to you?’ Because, the difference in this position than other positions is that you have so many more choices and opportunities to make decisions that you’d not faced with, you always step back and have someone else make them. We have open discussions and we try to really communicate on a deep level about why we are doing what we’re doing so guys have the background of it; so they can understand the choices that are made as well as open discussions about, ‘What else we could’ve done, what would you have done, what was your opinion and all that. We have a very open line of communication. As well as a pretty strict approach. There’re kind of equipped I think when they leave here. If they want to, they can do whatever they want, but they are equipped with a style of doing this and I hope that it’s pretty clear to them. In that regard, the whole process should be preparing them, if they want. You know if that’s where they want to go.”

(On if Coach Carroll could see Gus Bradley being a head coach ...) “Yeah. Gus [Bradley] has such a dynamic personality. He’s loaded with the kind of mentality and mindset and communication skills, the kind of sensitivity that it takes to deal with people from all different kind of areas. He was taxed with that throughout the time he was here. I saw him in almost every light and there’s nothing question that he was preparing to do it in his mind as we are talking about it. He, the whole time, was kind of just taking in the information to see how it fit him and he’s gone about however he’s doing it. But, there’s no question that he was ready to go do this in my mind.”

(On K.J. Wright's flexibility of roles as a linebacker...) “Yeah. K.J. is such a well-rounded player that this was not a big transition. He played on the line of scrimmage as an outside backer and he played behind the line of scrimmage in the past and in his past as well. So he came in with not just flexibility in his athleticism, but just in his mind and understanding of the game, he was very comfortable in those spots. So we could put him anywhere immediately, from one play to the next, and he would be able to handle it. He surprised us with that savvy when he came in and the instincts and all was so clear, once we had him for a few weeks. He’s done a fantastic job, he’s a very disciplined football player, he’s strict about his assignments and doing things right, he has great pride about doing things well, and very tough in natural feel for pass coverage. I mean he’s got a lot of great qualities and he’s a good blitzer too to go along with that. So he’s a terrific football player for us.”

(On how hard it was to get players to treat every game like it’s a championship game...) “Yeah I think guys are skeptical. ‘Does he say this this week? Okay. He’s said it for a few weeks, is he going to stick with it?’ And, these guys have pounded with our mentality and the things that we think of to the point where I don’t think that think any other way now. But it still takes a really acute, attention to the detail, the discipline of this because you’ve just pulled so much in other directions and could be swayed so easily by following the build-up, the hype, and all of the enormous amount of information that’s  out there; talking about our situations. So my biggest challenge is to keep their heads in this room and how we think and how we do things. That’s not easy. That’s difficult because you guys are everywhere. But I think now, we are way deeper in to why we do what we do and the guys should talk because they understand and believe it. I mean if you ask them, I think they’ll say the kinds of things that we stand for up here. It really helps. It helps keeps us in line to be consistent and have a chance to be all we can be.”

(On Breno Giacomini’s aggressive play...) “The epitome of poisoning strength I would call it. Well let’s say this, he’s been on both sides of the line and he’s been on one side a lot more than he’s been on the side he is presently operating at. He’s working really hard. He doesn’t want to be the error-repeater of the game and the guy who continues to be an issue for us. So he’s learned and that’s just time and experience and the ability to be poised and make good decisions in the face of someone slugging you right in the mouth and he’s going to make guys mad. He’s going to get after them, he’s going to be physical, and persistent, and he’s going to bother people and that brings that out in some guys sometimes. It used to bring it out in him. Hopefully we’re beyond that. We’ll see. We are going to take this one game at a time. I would not say that he has arrived. I wouldn’t want to give him that.”

(On changing Zach Miller’s blocking rules since Russell Okung is out...) “No. It really doesn’t affect him at all and not at this point. Unless he has to play tackle.”

(On giving Bowie and Bailey the opportunity to play against the Jaguars...) “That’s the best way to bring guys up and they can watch all they want. But they have to get out there and play. Just like we did with Carp [James Carpenter], We’ve been working Carp in, the whole time, every chance we got to get him going and get his feet on the ground, and get his mind right and get the timing of the game and all that. He’s ready to start now, and we’re very fortunate, after the preseason and these couple of games, he’s ready to go and we’d like to do basically the same thing with the young guys. Just bring them along and so, if we can get the opportunity to get them in the games, we are going to do it and we’ll push that opportunity some because we know the value of that and we have to get our depth ready to handle the rigors of the season. So it’s more evident now.”

(On both Michael Bowie and Alvin Bailey being healthy and ready to go...) “Yes.”

(On if it’s more important for Derrick Coleman to learn how to see what opposing defenses are doing or building chemistry with Marshawn Lynch…) “Yes. Yeah it’s everything. It’s just everything. He and Marshawn [Lynch] grow together as they go through these experiences; Marshawn [Lynch] learns how to understand what he’s going to do and to trust him. But the young guys, just kind of have to be thrown in there and just keep doing it and they’re getting coached every minute, every step of the way; to see things properly. But until they’ve seen them and then reacted and then come back and done it right again, you don’t know what you can count on. Derrick [Coleman] is doing a beautiful job. He’s stepped in there just beautifully for us. He’s come a long ways already and you can see, and I think that’s part of you’ll see as we continue to improve, in that the two-back running game should really get better as we go along together. But there is no way that you can get there without… you just have to do it and learn and grow and make mistakes and get better.”

(On Jason Babin...) “Yeah he’s a really good football player. You know, he plays the Leo spot and he’s had a bunch of sacks in his career, he’s over fifty sacks for his career. So he’s a natural pass rush guy, he’s a disrupter, he’s quick off of the edge, he’s got good instincts. He gives you all of the problems that the good edge guys going and they put him exactly in the right spot; to feature  that kind of a rush ability. But our guys will get their looks. Our guys are similar in the make-up and style and we will be rolling our guys at our tackles to get them ready to go.”

(On how the Jaguars are different with Chad Henne playing...) “I don’t think that they are a whole lot different. I think that, other than he has more experienced he’s been around a lot, similar. Blaine [Gabbert] is a little better runner and he would take off and make yards with his legs. But Henne, he moves okay as well. But they’re more pocket-oriented guys compared to the guys that we have been facing. Strong armed, tough guy can hang in there, has seen a lot, he’s not going to be fooled as much as a younger guy might be and I think that this gives him a great chance to do well and we’ve seen him have big games too. So we understand that.”

(On Coach Carroll’s assessment of the passing game...) “I’m not real happy with anything that’s hit, just as far as the overall on offense right now. We are just not quite as clean and we can’t tell. It’s not about the execution of the throwing game, the throwing and catching part of it, we continue to put ourselves behind the sticks so much that we have not been able to get the kind of rhythm that we hopefully will get. I think somewhere middle of the season last year, we just stayed so much more on schedule so much more so and we are not there right now. I really see it as it’s the penalty’s issue as much as anything. We just got to stay out of our own way. We are trying to really clean everything up. These are not penalties that… the guys are trying really hard on their blocks and trying to finish guys and we question a lot of the calls that are made always because we don’t see them as penalties, that’s maybe part of our problem. But, we are trying to get things right and I’m just going to hold; to see a couple of more games and see where we’re going before I make a big evaluation.”

(On Sidney Rice done spinning the ball...) “It’s done.”

(On the importance of getting Browner and Clemons playing against the Jaguars...) “No, it has nothing to do with the game or what’s coming up. It’s really are they ready to go and we are going to try find that out. [Chris] Clemons is going to practice like he’s part of the roster. Nothing out of the ordinary, no limitations and see how he handles that and then make a decision after we see what that tells us. Brandon [Browner] has never had a hamstring before. So he’s coming back from it. We’re cautious that he doesn’t know what it feels like yet because he has never been through this. But I’ve told you, I think the very first time I talked about [Chris] Clemons that, ‘we’re going to be cautious and wait until the time is right and hopefully we’ll know that and if it’s this week, great. If it’s next week, great and we will just take it when we can. We are way ahead of the PUP thing I know that and he had a very good week last week. He looked great and I’d expect that he’s going to have a really good week this week too and then we would have a decision to go ahead and play him. The tough part would be to hold him out at this point. I think that he will be that close to ready.”

(On if Brandon Browner establishing a starting spot when he gets healthy...) “I think that we’ve established that BB [Brandon Browner] goes back in there and plays. We have no hesitation playing our guys and rotating them and all that. That doesn’t faze us in the slightest. It was the same thing with Clem [Chris Clemons] eventually. He may play some of the game if he’s back this week. We will see. I don’t know any of those answers right now and I’m not really worried about it. We will just wait to gather the information and then we will make a good decision then.”

(On Clemons feeling competitive when having his first chance of contact last week...) “ I thought the first day, for about half of his practice, he was just feeling his way through it and after he got a couple of rushes, he looked better and by the second day, he looked normal and couldn’t see anything, Which is totally understandable and totally admirable; to come back that soon and jump in. It really does make a statement about his process to get ready. The guys did a fantastic job getting him in shape. He’s in great condition, which is you would think that he’s not in good shape at this point. He’s in great condition. The workouts, the rigorous workouts he did to prove that he could get back on the field proved, got him in great condition for this point. So that’s a big plus. He’s not going to have to get into football shape in that sense. He’s in better shape than most of our guys from the work he’s done.”

(On Spencer Ware...) “He does have a sprained ankle. So we will see how that is.”

(On Jordan Hill practicing this week...) “He’s very close. Very close.”

(On Coach Carroll’s thoughts on the 49ers’ fans, who have complained that the 12th Man had caused ‘un-sportsmanlike noise’…) “You know I did [see it]. Somebody put that on my desk that I saw a report from some people in Port Reyes down there, in Marine County. I can understand why they would think that.”

(On how Christine Michael is doing...) “He’s ready to go. He’s ready. He’s prime and ready to play and if Spence can’t make it this week, then he will get a great chance to be part of it. We’d love to see him play. We’d love to see him be a part of it. We saw terrific stuff from him for the great part of the preseason that only leads us to think he can be a factor to help us. I think a couple of weeks of not being actively involved, got him even more focused in./ He’s got a lot to learn. A very, young player for us. But boy he’s have talent. So we’re excited to get him in there and get him to be part of it. That would be pretty cool.”

(On Percy Harvin's recovery...)  ”Just from Percy [Harvin], that he says that, ‘He’s going to be ready as soon as they can let me get back out there.’ He’s totally committed to that thought. Whether that happens, I don’t know. But he’s competing exactly the way that we would hope that he would. He’s talking about the very first game that he can come back, he wants to play. I don’t mean to put pressure on him, that’s just what his attitude and mindset about is exactly what we would hope it would be. Whether the docs agree with him, you know, we will find out in time.”

(On what Cliff Avril's return to the defensive line brought to the defensive line...) “I thought he looked really good. For his first chance to play the whole season, this was like his first preseason game for him. He looked physical, he jumped off of the football, had a chance for three sacks. He looked a little rusty, a little surprised when he came free on one of them for sure and he’s definitely a factor. We were thrilled. We were thrilled to get him back. So in that he could play well and be a factor for us in the game, forced a fumble, you know a sack in his first time out was a huge game for us. So we look forward in getting better. He will improve.”(On Jeron Johnson...) “He’s getting close. He’s going to try to do some things this week. We will see what happens. We don’t know yet.”