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Morning links: Bradley upbeat, as always, about return to Seattle

Good morning.

> Our Dave Boling wrote about Gus Bradley's return to the Seahawks.

He returns to Seattle on Sunday as the head coach of the Jaguars, who are noted for their impotent offense (11 points in two games) and recent status as a league doormat, which have combined to leave them as underdogs by a margin that is unheard of in the NFL -- 19.5 points.

> I wrote about the Okung situation.

> In a nutshell: boo-hoo.

That's essentially what a couple Seahawks fans wrote to the San Francisco Chronicle in response to complaints from 49ers fans the ear-drum rattling noise at CenturyLink Field was unsportsmanlike. From one of the Seattle letters:

Sports do give us a place of joy, community and hope. We Seattleites call that place CenturyLink Field - home of "the 12th Man." We are loud because we are proud of our Seattle Seahawks.

> I was remiss yesterday not to mention that Richard Sherman was named NFC Defensive Player of the Week. He'll dance to that.

> DE Cliff Avril is from the Jacksonville region, so Florida Times-Union writer Hays Carlyon was at the VMAC Wednesday to write about him:

Avril didn’t hear much from his hometown team during his free agency. The Jaguars elected to avoid spending big money on premium players.

“I didn’t hear anything from them,” Avril said. “But everything happens for a reason. I’m in Seattle having fun with a pretty good team, so I can’t complain.”

> The Times-Union also has three storylines for the Jaguars this week against the Seahawks. In a sidenote you may not care about, but I will throw in anyway, this is written by Ryan O'Halloran, who is the Jags' beat writer. We both landed our first jobs for a small paper in upstate New York. We've been friends since. He wonders if the Jags can take advantage of the shuffled offensive line, how they will deal with the crowd and if the Seahawks' offense will get its act together, which would be bad news for Jacksonville:

The Jaguars’ problems on offense are well-documented — nine points in two games, one touchdown on 26 drives, 11 sacks allowed, etc.

But despite being 2-0 and thumping San Francisco 29-3, Seattle is 23rd in total offense (330.0) and 22nd in yards per rush (3.3) and has allowed Russell Wilson to be sacked six times.