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Quick bits before practice

Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman again had their press conferences on Thursday before practice. Wilson agrees with Carroll that he's not entirely happy with the offensive performance and used some of the same descriptions. Penalties and occasional miscues are killing their efficiency. Wilson said they've been getting too far off schedule and forced into third-and-longs. He says improvement will be a matter of better focus each play. He reminded that Jacksonville is also an NFL team and each game provides a championship opportunity. The Gus Bradley defense of the Jags looks a lot like the Seattle scheme, he said, but they sit back in more Cover 2 than the Seahawks do now.

Sherman was typically amusing. Asked about so many of the Hawks' interceptions being off tipped balls, he said when the ball is in the air: "It's like throwin' meat to wolves." Asked about a purported Colin Kaepernick quote that the Seahawks didn't really take much away from the Niners, Sherman pointed out that they took away three interceptions and a 29-3 win.

I asked Max Unger in the locker room about the inefficient offense, he said it's a surprise since they had so many starters back. He cited the Panthers and 49ers as having two really good front-7s, but that's not an excuse.

For entertainment purposes: Greg Scruggs, still rehabbing a knee, did some interviews with Breno Giacomini, busting him for for his "unibrow." Scruggs asked if he shaved the gap between his brows every week, Breno said "every hour." Scruggs told him that fans have been writing him to say that Breno looks like Bert on Sesame Street. Breno thanked him for the Halloween costume idea.

Turnover Thursday practice coming up. Dan Quinn interviews afterward