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Sherman on Bradley: 'He gives hilarious stories on game day'

Richard Sherman talks on Thursday. Here's what he had to say:

(On the defense getting five takeaways…)

“It feels good to get the ball. That’s what you work on, that’s what you focus on every week, and guys are attacking it. Cliff did a great job going after it when he got the sack/force fumble. On special teams Heath Farwell did a great job getting it out, and then the Legion of Boom is going to do what we do. Kam Chancellor got one, Earl Thomas got one, I was able to get one, and it’s just a mindset that Coach Pete Carroll has instilled in us. It’s all about the ball. So on every play, in every quarter that’s what we’re going after on the defensive side, and on the offensive side they’re trying to protect it. I think they did a good job of that.”

(On how much of a benefit it is to see the hard work pay off in the games…)

“It’s nice to see your hard work pay off, and see the things you see in practice come out in the game. You see Earl Thomas getting picks, you see Earl getting forced fumbles the game before, he got a tip and overthrow this game, and our philosophy is that you got to get those and he did a great job getting it. Kam Chancellor was in the right position to get his interception, and it’s just guys doing their job and doing their job consistently throughout four quarters and eventually the ball will come. Guys aren’t trying to go out there and go after and do things out of character outside of the framework of the defense. They’re just doing their job and the ball is coming hitting them in the face.”

(On what makes the Seahawks' red zone defense so effective…) “I guess the attacking mentality of our defense from everybody from our defensive line to our linebackers to us in the backend. Everybody is still going after the ball. We’re not getting cautious because we’re getting close to the redzone. We’re not trying to stop them for three; we’re trying to take the ball from them.”

(On why so many interceptions are off tipped balls the past few years…) “I only saw one off of a tip ball last week, but it’s just us attacking. Guys going after it. Walter Thurmond was going after a pick. He went for the pick and it got tipped up and another guy was able to get it. It’s like throwing meat out to wolves sometimes. Everybody wants the ball, and guys are going to keep going, keep going, keep going and somebody is going to eventually come down with it. I remember last year when Bobby Wagner tipped one to Walter Thurmond, and Thurmond tipped it back up, and Bobby ended up coming put with it. It’s just guys want it, guys want the ball.”

(On what it will be like to see Gus Bradley on the other sideline…) “That’s going to be interesting man. Gus is such a great coach, such a fun guy to play for, and such a fun coach to be around so it’s going to be tough. We obviously got to go out there and do our jobs effectively and hopefully shut them out and get the ball and try to go after it as much as you can, but it’s tough because he’s such a great coach, such a great friend to a lot of guys on this team. It’s not something guys want to necessarily do if they didn’t have to, but we have to.”

(On what Gus Bradley meant to the players…) “He was constant energy, constant energy. He was always a positive guy no matter what happened in the game, no matter what happened from beginning of training camp to the end, from the beginning of the season to the end he was upbeat with high energy every day. The first time I met him I thought man this guy just drunk a Red Bull. There’s no way he can maintain this throughout the whole season, but as you watch Gus, every single day, every single day he’s giving you the same energy, the same positivity and you just can’t beat that, and he gives hilarious stories on game day. I kind of miss those pregame stories that he will give, he’s a hilarious storyteller.”

(On how Dan Quinn is different from Gus Bradley…) “DQ is just two different spheres from Gus. DQ is a little more reserved from Gus, but he’s still meticulous in the way he prepares. He’s still meticulous, he gives a great game plan, and they run defenses slightly different. DQ prefers more man-to-man and pressure, Gus likes the zone a lot, but it works.”

(On the whole let down thing does not faze the Seahawks…) “It doesn’t because of how we approach the game. We approach the game one game at a time, one week at a time and we give our opponents every bit of respect that you can. Last week San Francisco had our full attention, the week before that Carolina had our full attention, this week Jacksonville has our full attention. We don’t look pass anybody, we don’t look ahead to anything because we’re taking it one game at a time, one play at a time. Today is turnover Thursday. This is the day we’re working hard on. No repeat Friday tomorrow and we’ll work on that. We’ll be focused on that, and I think Pete has done a great job of containing that focus and preaching that mindset and instilling it in a lot of our players.”

(On Walter Thurmond covering for Brandon Browner…) “It’s nice man it’s nice. Just because he could always do it. He could do it, and I think the coaches have known for years what he could do. He just kept getting hit with the injury bug, every year he gets hit whether it’s a broken leg, a messed up ankle, a bum hamstring, and it sucks to see a guy so talented, such a great corner going to waste because he couldn’t stay on the field. It’s a great feeling for the whole DB group, the whole team to see him out there making the plays that we all seen him make a thousand times over. Now the world is getting to see him lock down a little bit.”

(On how Dan Quinn's approach and Gus Bradley's defensive approach changed over time…) “It doesn’t really change for us. We go up there, we press and put our hands on them, and we disrupt. That’s what we try to do every play and we just get to do it a little more often now a days I guess.”

(On what Sherman thought of Kaepernick's comments…) “I don’t take it. We get away with three picks, two fumbles, five turnovers, we got away with a 29-3 victory is what it looks like.”

(On what the defense wanted to do differently on defense…) “I think because we have a lot of talented players in the backend, we have a lot of talented players throughout this team on the front line, but in the backend we felt like there was a certain mentality about us. We had a phrase that ‘you man up, you stand up’ and we wanted to hold everybody in the backend accountable every single play. We just preached that DQ saying we think we could stand up against basically anybody, and if we can’t then fair enough, you can adjust the defense accordingly. Until then let us take a chance.”

(On the competitiveness of the secondary with each other…) “I think it drives us more than anything. It’s like playing against your brothers. He made a big play, now I have to make a big play. So we all got picks and someone was trying to force a fumble the rest of the game. And Brandon Browner was over there itching like man I need to be out there because he was the only one that didn’t get one. It’s really like playing with your brothers out there. You want to one up them every time. Somebody gets an interception, you’re happy like man we just made a play, but now it’s my turn. It’s my turn to make a play; it’s my turn to go do something. So I think that kind of competition, that kind of drive within our position group is what is helping us succeed.”