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Carroll: 'We had a fantastic week'

Here's what Pete Carroll had to say today:

(On how the preparation to play against the Jaguars this week went…) “We had a fantastic week. I love the way it turned it out, the guys were tuned in to getting ready. We know that we are trying to prepare us to play and it isn’t about anybody else. The guys really were in it and so we will find out. You never know if you’ll play. Coming off of the field Friday and feeling like we did all off the stuff that we needed to and got a lot of good work and we’re ready to go.”

(On Russell Okung…) “Yeah Russell [Okung]… we’re going to put him on the [injured reserve with a designation to return] list. It gives him a chance to come back. It’s a six to eight week injury and we’ll hope that that will all work out right for us. He’s determined, he’s kind of excited about the fact that he has a chance to get back this season as well. So we will just ride it out, see what happens, and take good care of him and hopefully we’ll be able to make it.”

(On what Okung’s injury is…) “He’s got a torn ligament in his big toe. I think that’s the safest way I can say it.”

(On if Coach Carroll is happy with Paul McQuistan’s performance this week…) “Yeah we were very fortunate that Paul [McQuistan] has so much experience and that he can jump in there. The first thing that you worry about is communication and the continuity that goes on. He will do a great job with that and he’s played all of the spots in the past. We didn’t have any time to prepare him last week. But now that he has a week under his belt and he knows the game plan and all of that that will help us. Like I said too, this also sends a really strong message to Alvin Bailey and to Michael Bowie that they got to get right. They are one step away from playing. He’s really stepped up that sense of urgency there and hopefully they’ll be alright to go.”

(On if James Carpenter can play a full game at this point…) “Heck yeah he can. He’s ready to go. He’s had a great week as well. I think the process to get him back to full go and conditioning and all of that stuff has worked out great for us. We’re fortunate enough to have the time to get him ready. He’s ready to go.”

(On if Brandon Browner is ready to play this week…) “Yeah, I do. He practiced all week. He did a good job.”

(On Chris Clemons playing this week…) “I’m really, really excited to tell you that Chris Clemons is ready to play this week. We’re really, really thrilled for him. It means the world to Chris [Clemons] of course, as he gets back. He had great preparation, he had a fantastic recovery process, the rehab, everything. So he has a chance to play for us this week and I’m really fired up that he gets to join us. We missed that.”

(On if it felt like Chris Clemons has gotten better each day this week…) “The first couple of days that he practiced…The first half of the first day, he was feeling his way a little bit. Which is absolutely normal. By the end of the first day, he was going the next day he came back, he was fine and he has been solid all the way throughout. So really, it was just the first half of the first practice that he kind of had to get a feel for it and he’s improved steadily. I remind you that he had a great process to get back, in terms of conditioning and all of that. He was in great shape to come out. So that’s not a factor at all. He’s as in good of shape as anybody we have on the football team right now to carry a big load. We will make sure that we get him in and out of there; we will marker his reps and all. But we’re thrilled that he’s back to play for us.”(On Malcolm Smith’s status…) “He practiced the past couple of days. So, he’s got a chance to go.”(On if it’s a concern that the Seahawks has been in a lot of third-and-long situations…) “We don’t like third and long. But, we will take them when we get them but we don’t want to be there. So, we are going to do everything that we can to be more effective and stay on schedule with our first and second down stuff and that’s the problem with the penalties and we’re going to try to get rid of that this weekend.”(On Spencer Ware’s status…) “Spencer [Ware] is hobbling pretty good. He’ll be a far stretch. He’s going down as doubtful. I don’t know that he can make it. But he’s going to try.”(On Ken Norton Jr.’s status…) “Yeah Kenny [Ken Norton Jr.] will be back in town tonight. He’s had an enormous shockwave go through his family, with the loss of his father, who was so dear to him. Ken Norton Sr. was a friend to all of our program. He’s was an incredible person, incredible man. When anyone loses his father, it’s devastating and certainly was for Kenny and his family. So we wish him the best and all and they’ve been gone for a couple of days and he’s going to be back in town tonight. I’ll see how he is when we all get together again in the morning.”(On Tom Cable…) “Cable had a family thing that he had to take care of today.”(On Christine Michael…) “Well with Spencer [Ware] in doubt right now, it’s a great opportunity for Christine [Michael] to get in there. He’s practiced very well this. He’s ready to participate in the game in, a big way. So we’ll play him. If we get the chance, he’ll be in there.”(On if it’s a high ankle sprain…) “Yes.”