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Saturday links: A mess and big game for the 49ers

Good morning (barely).

Some quick links from today. I'm on UW football duty all day, but will check in on the blog from time to time. Thanks for all the feedback yesterday. There are two things I can guarantee: I'll work very hard, and not everyone will be 100 percent happy with the changes on the blog. No way around that. We'll have a lot of good stuff, though. I suppose that's a third guarantee.

Remember, you can always e-mail me with thoughts, questions or concerns at Thanks.

Anyway, a few quick links:

> Here's our story from Dave Boling on Russell Okung being out.

> The Florida Times-Union wrote about Russell Wilson, saying he took little time to take charge of the Seahawks.

> MMQB's Andy Benoit analyzes this Sunday's matchups and says the 19.5-point spread in the Seahawks' game is justified.

> Amid the mess in San Francisco with Aldon Smith, Jim Harbaugh has another big matchup on his hands. This week, he faces Andrew Luck.

> Speaking of Smith, Carlos Rogers says he hopes Smith "doesn't waste" his talent.

> St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnists wonder if the Rams can win in Dallas in this video.