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Seahawks postgame quotes from Carroll, Wilson and more

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll didn't have much to say about injuries, but was very happy with Tarvaris Jackson and most of the day.

HEAD COACH PETE CARROLL(Opening…)   This was an interesting game because of the matchup with Gus and his new team and all.  We were real happy to get the win and to play well.  We did a lot of good things today.  Across the board, we played cleaner and sharper, the way we wanted to, and I was really happy that we did.  I was fired up for us that we played just the way we should.  A lot of people expected and asked questions about letdowns, and all of that type of stuff, and we didn’t see it that way at all.    Our guys really understood and demonstrated by the week of preparation.  So, we have a good week and get out of there.  The most important thing to report is that we had 4 penalties.  That’s awesome.  We finally took care of an area that’s been a real problem for us, so that was good stuff.   I thought Russell played great.  He was all over the place making great plays and throws and he used a bunch of receivers.  It was really exciting to see that.  I thought the receivers came through catching and running, too.  Golden had a big day.  Doug’s catch was awesome.  Sidney made his big plays.   The tight ends had a big day if you put all of their numbers together.  Luke looked really good, Zach scores twice.  All of that stuff is really good stuff, and defensively, we had the game controlled pretty early.  We could feel it.  We had a shot at these guys to hold the score way down.  Unfortunately for us, they made some plays on us and got some stuff going.  They did a nice job.  I thought it was really obvious that Gus’ team played really hard, and they finished tough, and they stayed in it and kept working to take the ball down the field and try to get off the field   I was fired up for him in that regard.  They came back after us.  I’m sure he’s going to make some positives out of that.  An exciting day for the NFC West.  Big day for us; the other teams struggled and all that.  Glad we could take advantage of the opportunity to get this win.   The last thing I have to say is that when we have these back to back games at home we have to come through and play great, if we’re going to be really substantial at home and we did that. First shot that we got, we got two games and it puts us in a good spot right now.  I’m looking forward to next week already.

(On getting Tarvaris in there… )  A bunch of guys played.   T-Jack played great.  I just thought he played lights out.  He did everything just right, he handled himself beautifully.  A variety of throws and actions and things, he came through and did terrific.    It’s really a big deal, and I’m sorry I didn’t mention it earlier, that he’s able to play like that.  Run the whole offense and use all of those people, and run the ball into end zone one time for us.  I thought that was an obvious demonstration that he’s a big asset for us.

(On how Paul McQuistan on the left side…)  He did alright, and hung in there pretty nice.  It was much better for him this week because of the preparation and all.  To have a chance to get Michael Bowie in the game and Alvin Bailey all that time, it was really awesome.  We got everybody to play today, and they got significant playtime.  Christine Michael as well, to carry the ball a number of times.   We’ll benefit from that in the long run.

(On the injury to Red Bryant…)   Red had back spasms.   Just out of nowhere, it just kind of popped up and I don’t know what that means, but he’s pretty uncomfortable right now. Kearse sprained his ankle in the first half.

(On cleaning up most of the offensive problems they had in earlier games… )  The big thing was the penalties.  We weren’t playing behind the sticks at all, and when we did we overcame it.  That’s a big move for us now.   Whether or not we can do that next week, we’ll have to wait and see.  I’m glad that we could make that much emphasis and see a real change.  We’ll try to build on that.

(On Michael Bennett…)  He’s alive.  He has such a great motor.  He plays so hard, he really compliments our style of play.  He fits in really, really well.  He had a sack and a half today, is what I saw.  He’s just a factor. He’s very, very active.  He really adds to the speed guys on the edge.  For Clem and Cliff and the guys rushing off the edge, and Schofield, it makes a difference to have that presence inside.

(On getting aggressive with the play calling late in the first half….)  We just felt good about what was going on on the other side of the ball.   It was because of that.  We felt very sure that we were playing good defense, and so if we made a big mistake, we felt we’d have a chance to slow them down.  We just went ahead and went for it.  That was a fantastic drive.  Russell was at his best right there.  He did a great job.

(On easing Chris Clemons in the lineup…)  It worked out perfect.  We wanted to get him 15 plays, and he was somewhere in there.  I think he had 6 or 7 in the first half, so we were right on course to get that done.  He felt good, he felt a little rusty, but he was really excited that he got through the game and he’s ready to go now.

(On the great catches by Baldwin and Rice…)  I think Doug’s catch might be the catch of the year for us so far.  It was an amazing throw and catch, going down and sliding into the end zone.  That was really cool.  Sidney almost came back with one on the sidelines the other way. Sidney had a great game.  Russell did kind of throw that ball kind of up for grabs on the one in the end zone, but that’s because he trusts Sidney, and he believes Sidney can go make that play.  He came through for us.

(On any other injuries….)  We’ll see.  I don’t know much more than that right now.  I’ll let you know.

QB RUSSELL WILSON(On catching him on the sideline, looking a little lost when Tarvaris went in… )  Coach Carroll made that decision; it was a good decision to be able to get T-Jack in there and to  get as many plays as he got, that’s big for us.  Obviously, I want to be in there every second I can possibly be, that’s just my competitive nature.  I always trust Coach Carroll and his decisions.  He did a great job, and it was a huge win for us.  Offensively, we did a very good job.  We capitalized, finally, we felt like the defense did a tremendous job of making some huge, huge stops.  Special teams did great, too, so it was a great effort.

(On the great catches by the receivers…)  We can trust our guys.  On that one throw to Sid, he was kind of pointing to throw it up, so I said, ok, here you go.  He went and got it.  When you get guys that can really make those plays – Sidney looks so great right now.  He’s 100% finally, I feel like.  He’s running extremely fast.  Doug Baldwin is doing a great job, obviously.  Golden Tate looked tremendous tonight, as always.  He’s so quick.  Stephen Williams is big for us, and Jermaine Kearse, too.  You think about Zach Miller; he’s made so many plays for us, and he finds a way to get in the end zone every time.  And Luke Willson had a big day today, too, in terms of catching the football.

(On how much Jacksonville sold out for the play action on his first touchdown…)  The biggest thing was trying to have a good fake.  The offensive line did a good job of coming off low, and hitting the guys just like it was going to be a run, and Marshawn had a great fake and great action and Zach timed it up perfect, and slipped right on out and was wide open.  It doesn’t get any easier than that one.

(On getting the touchdown just before halftime…)  Sidney and I were talking after that drive, and that’s the biggest drive we’ve had so far.  I think it’s the most important thing we did today, in terms of offensively.  To have the ball, I forget what yard line we were on, I think the 20 or 25 yard, maybe and to have only 44 seconds left on the clock before half, our goal is to get a field goal or end with the ball, but we also want to take shots and move the ball and get another touchdown, or another field goal if we can.  The communication in the huddle was great, in and out of the huddle.  Guys made tremendous plays.  We got big first downs when we needed to.  The scramble was good for us, and obviously Sidney Rice, making that big time play, just getting wide open for me.  That’s awesome for us, and that’s the way we need to play football, when the game’s on the line, that type of mentality.  The half, right there, for us, that’s what I told them going into the huddle, this is really open for us right here.  We have to capitalize right  here, let’s try to make something of it.  We did.  44 seconds.  We basically scored a touchdown within 34 seconds.  That was awesome.

(On today being a cleaner, more efficient game offensively…)   I think the biggest thing is that we didn’t have any crazy penalties.  I think that we made smart decisions, the communication was great, we got off the ball really well.  We got in and out of the huddle.  We executed when we needed to , in the red zone.  That’s the way we need to play football.  When we do that, and when we stay on schedule, we’re hard to stop.  When we push back ourselves back—we’ve been winning with pushing ourselves back, playing uphill football, and finally today we were able to play downhill football and focus on what we needed to do.

(On Zach Miller…)  Zach Miller does everything for us.  He is a workhorse.  He is extremely, extremely smart.  He’s always in the right spot at the right time.  In terms of the running game, he blocks extremely well.  In the passing game, he finds a way to get wide open.  I don’t know.  He’s very, very clever.  He has sure hands.  To have that consistency at the tight end position; it’s crucial to an offense, across the National Football League, but also in our football system that we run here.  The way we run plays and how we want to work the tight end, and how we want to find a way to get him the ball, is great.   The more that we can do with him, the better.  I think Zach is one of the best tight ends, for sure, in the National Football League, and I love playing with him.  It’s awesome.

(On having a 2 game lead in the NFC West…)  It’s good for us, but we have a lot of games left.  I think the biggest thing for us is we want to focus on playing our best football this week.  It’s the same thing every week.  If we can go 1 and 0 every week, then we control our own destiny, and I think that’s the biggest thing.  We have a long ways to go, though.  If we can just focus on playing one day at a time, one practice at a time, one snap at a time, one week at a time, and try to go 1 and 0 that week, then we’ll give ourselves a good chance.  I think offensively, we’re starting to come into our own now, we’re starting to get a rhythm.  We have to continue that, and not settling for just being 3-0.  We want to win the whole thing.  To be able to do that, you have to be able to go 1 and 0 every week.  We have to focus on that championship mentality week in and week out, no matter what.

(On why the play action worked so well today…)  The offensive line did a great job of run blocking and getting the running game going early.  In terms of the play-action game, we were able to capitalize on a few things and guys just made plays.  That’s what it comes down to.  Can we make plays when we need to, and we definitely did that today.

(On his interception…)  That one hurt.  That’s the thing.  It’s kind of one of those things where I can make those plays, too.  You want to make the smart decision, and you never want to turn the ball over, so that one’s my fault.

(On whether they saw what they expected from Jacksonville’s defense…)  Jacksonville definitely gave us some different looks.  We prepared extremely well.  We do that every week.  We prepare really well.  Coach Bevell does a great job of putting us in a great position to understand what we’re trying to do.  He really helps me a lot, and the same with my quarterback coach, Coach Smith.  On third down, they tried to give us some different looks, and we capitalized on those looks.  That was the biggest thing, too.  What we did on some of those third and longs, and how we were able to get some big first downs and eventually score some big touchdowns, too.

(On wanting to get Sidney and Golden more involved this week…)  Definitely.  Those are our two guys, that can really make a lot of plays.  Golden Tate is a guy that can go up and get it.  He’s quick as a cat, like I always say.  Then, Sidney Rice is just so smooth. You guys saw it today, he runs the perfect route all the time.  He has unbelievable hands, so we want to get him the ball as much as we can.  I feel like he’s 100% right now, so to have Sidney Rice feel like he’s going full speed, and not pulling at all in terms of his effort, and practice, because he’s in there every day.  Every practice, every snap, he’s in there and I love it.  He’s a tremendous wide receiver and I love throwing the football to him.

(On the second touchdown pass to Sidney Rice…)  We came off the play-action, naked it to the right. They did a good job of covering everything else up.  We had two guys kind of running an over, and Sidney running in the end zone.  Right before I was going to throw it to the over I saw Sidney saying, hey, throw it up.  So, I looked at the safety, and I said, ok, here you go.  It’s one of those things where you try to give your guy a shot, and he made a tremendous catch.  To have a guy that has that mentality of attacking the football; that’s awesome.  When you have a guy that can go get the football like that, it’s pretty special.

(On having the confidence to throw that ball even with two Jaguars covering Rice…)  Oh yeah.  That’s what we talked about after the play, having that attack mentality.  If we can have that, and make those type of plays, that’s good.

(On the spin-away touchdown pass to Miller…)  I don’t know.  Stuff happens.  It’s just one of those things.  I faked it to Doug Baldwin on the reverse, and we had Zach in the flat as my first read, and the Marshawn coming underneath on the slide route underneath.  Marshawn was about to get covered up, so I was just trying to find a way to make a play, and just slow that guy down, because I knew that was really the only place I could go.  So, I kind of just pumped it and spun out of it.  Then, Zach was wide open, and that was awesome.

(On the defense starting out with 4 consecutive 3-and-outs…)  To have our defense play with that tenacity and that much ability to just stop their offense completely, in terms of third down situations.  If we can do that all season, it’s going to be tough to beat us.  That’s not going to happen every week.  You can’t rely on that.  The way that they play, with so much energy, so much compassion out there, it’s unbelievable.  They’re just so passionate about the game, and they find a way to make turnovers.  They find a way to make plays.  They find a way to knock the ball down on third and six; whatever it is.  That gives us a chance, that gives us a short field, and allows us to capitalize on opportunities.

(On the drive at the end of the half….)  That was the biggest drive that we’ve had, all pre-season, all season so far. That’s the thing, we have to be able to do that.  44 seconds on the clock, if you’re on the 20 or 25 yard line, to be able to do that and score in 34 seconds, that’s crucial.  Guys were really understanding of the situation, the communication in the huddle before we went out there was great.  Everybody was on the same page, and if we can do that, it’ll give us a shot to win a lot of games, and to capitalize on a lot of opportunities.  I believe Bobby Wagner got the interception, on the play before that.  For the defense to be able to come up with a huge stop there and give us time.  If there is any time on the clock, I believe that we can score, and that’s the way I’ve always thought.

TE ZACH MILLER(On the team treating every week the same no matter who the opponent is…) “We try and treat every week the same and really get ourselves prepared and focus on ourselves and let the game take care of itself on Sundays.”(On his two touchdowns…) “They were both play action plays. The first one was just the fake the backside block and then get out. It was wide open, it worked even better today than it did in practice. On the other one I was just open in the corner and Russell did a good job of scrambling , finding me, and just hitting me in the corner of the endzone.”

(On cleaning things up on offense from the first couple of weeks…) “Yeah I felt  like our offense was really moving. We’re converting on third down, taking the ball all the way down the field on long drives, explosive plays a lot of times on those drives and that’s exactly what you want to do as an offense.”

(On how long do you celebrate this win with the attitude of this team this year…) “We don’t celebrate them very long. We will tonight, and then we’re already thinking about Houston next week. So we move on pretty quick.”

WR DOUG BALDWIN(On if he knows what Tarvaris Jackson’s passing rating was…) “It was up there I know that. It was a perfect rating? I expect no different from T. Jack.”

(On Tarvaris Jackson…) “You can’t say enough about that guy. First and foremost, I don’t know what Buffalo was thinking, but it’s just Tarvaris Jackson. He excelled here my rookie season when he had a banged up offensive line, the receiving core was thin, he did what he could and got us seven wins. Now that he has a team with a good offensive line and defense, when he gets time to play, he shines.  There was no surprise about Tarvaris about doing that.”

(On if it was nice to see him get in there and play some…) “Definitely. That’s one of the good guys, and you always want to see the good guys excel. Like I said, I cant say enough about Tarvaris and the type of person he is, the type of player he is; it’s heartwarming to see him do well.”

(On Russell Wilson…) “It’s Russell Wilson. That guy is unbelievable. That one play he had in the redzone where he punk faked, spun around, and then threw the touchdown to Zach. That’s just the epitome of what Russell Wilson is. We’re obviously glad to have him on our team.”

(On Sidney Rice…) “The biggest thing about our offense is that pass opportunities are few and far between, and every week it could be somebody else that is going to get the target. Basically we just told each other to be patient, opportunities are going to come. This week it was Sidney’s turn, and Sid made the best of them. On that one leaping Touchdown he had in the back of the endzone I didn’t know who Russell (Wilson) was throwing it to and Sidney just popped out of nowhere and made the catch.”

TE LUKE WILSON(On the tight ends’ involvement in today’s game…) “We have a lot of weapons and I thought today it was pretty good for us to show the tight ends. So for next week it’s like who do you game plan for. They were kind of giving it to us and I thought as a group we did a really good job of stepping up.”

(On the effectiveness of the play action in today’s game…) “I don’t know the exact number, but a few of them were all play action. I’m running by guys and they’re so focused on the run and I’m getting excited like this is going to be good.”

(On getting Sidney and Golden Tate involved and getting the passing game going downfield a little more…) “We talked all week about it. Our phrase we use is ‘getting our football right’ and obviously those two guys are a huge part of our offense. So it was great to see them both be successful today. Both of them played incredible like they always do. They got more opportunities today and they made the plays.”

QB TARVARIS JACKSON(On his touchdown pass to Doug Baldwin…) “I saw the man coverage with Will Blackmon so I just tried to put it out there outside and give him a shot to catch it, and he made a great catch.”

(On if he seen the play all the way…) “Yeah I saw it the whole time. I saw we got press man with Doug Baldwin and Will Blackmon and I just wanted to give him a shot and let him make a play.”

(On Russell Wilson and his four touchdowns…) “He did a great job. Whenever you got four touchdowns passes that’s a good day, but you know Russell. He’s going to work hard and he’s going to pick out something that he feel he didn’t do well, and he’s going to work at it and get better.”

(On his touchdown run…) “It’s just part of the offense. The guy clamped down and I just pulled the ball. I was one on one with the safety, and I like my chances.”

(On what he said to Doug Baldwin after his touchdown catch…) “You know me and Doug go back to his rookie year so we got a little chemistry going. As soon as he caught the touchdown I told him happy birthday because the other day was his birthday. Steve Williams was actually on the field as well, and me and Steve had a pretty good preseason so everybody thought I was going to him, but I was like nah I’m going to Doug.”

WR GOLDEN TATE(On taking every opponent the same way no matter who it is…) “If you come ready to play, let’s play football, if you don’t we’ll blow you out. That’s our approach, we play hard every game.”

(On players really buying into competing here…) “For me I feel like it’s so much bigger than this game against that squad. We understand that they’re building with a first year head coach over there. It’s a bigger picture. We’re not looking forward as in like to playoffs, but we’re taking it game by game, and having a great week of practice, but it’s bigger than just that Sunday. We’re trying to set ourselves up for way down the road, and get better each day, each week. We’re not going to be satisfied with our performance today. We’re going to come back, watch the film, try to learn from it, and now it’s time to move forward to Houston. That’s the most important game on our schedule because it’s the next, and we’re going to prepare as if it was Jacksonville we’re playing, or the 49ers, it doesn’t matter. We’re going to prepare, and let’s play ball.”

WR SIDNEY RICE(On his leaping touchdown catch…) “The safety was a little in front of me, I saw the ball thrown in the air so I went to attack it.’

(On how is he feeling physically…) “A lot better, a lot better. I feel like I’m improving more and more each week. As you mention, the first game this year was the first action I had since January earlier this year when we played in Atlanta. I’m starting to get better and better every week, hopefully it continues to incline. The trainers are doing a great job monitoring me throughout the week so it’s helping me stay ready for the game.”

(On if the offense is in a better position this season to showcase the receivers’ talent…) “Definitely. We have a great group. I feel like we have one of the best groups in the league. We just have to take advantage of our opportunities when the ball is thrown our way. Doug Baldwin is doing a great job. Jermaine Kearse, Golden Tate, you watch it every day in practice with those guys winning on routes. When we get opportunities in the game, the same thing happens in the game.”

(On his day today…) “It felt good. It felt good to be back in the endzone. I’ve been waiting for that for a long time. I think in the second half of the season last year we didn’t do so well in the redzone putting points up, but it feels good to be back in the endzone. It also feels good to see the rest of the receivers doing their job making plays out there. It’s a good feeling.”

(On his second touchdown catch when Russell threw it up and if it is a matter of trust that Russell has in him…) “It definitely is, that’s exactly what it was. The defender was in front of me and he still trusted me to go up and make the play. We just got to continue to keep building that chemistry. Not only with myself and Russell, but the rest of the receivers as well.”

S KAM CHANCELLOR(On the defense allowing the Jaguars to score and gain yards…) “Yeah… I mean we were kind of messing up on a lot of plays and people not fitting up right. I didn’t really know what was going. I mean we did put a lot of younger guys in. But there still can’t be and excuse. We want our backups to be readily prepared as if they were starters.”

(On the defense having uncharacteristic mental mistakes…) “I think that the coaches and the players do a good job preparing. You know, our preparation is key to us. We want to study everything and try to get all of the tips and tendencies that we can get out of the team and once we see it, we play fast.”

(On the defense’s performance in terms of catching a pass and scoring 17 points…) “Right now, I still don’t feel the happiest right now. Interception. Yeah! Hurray! But, I still think it’s too many yards. We hold ourselves to a high standard and you can ask anybody that. They would say the same thing, ‘that’s too many yards.’”

S EARL THOMAS(On Russell Wilson owing Earl Thomas for throwing a pick…) “No. No. I know that there’s going to be a time in the season, where we need him and has going to come through for us and I enjoy anytime we get them in the sudden change because I know that I can play aggressive with first and goal on the goal line.”

(On hurting the defense when giving up a touchdown…) “We were upset. Yeah you know, we had like maybe 56 yards passing coming into the half or maybe even after that. That’s the only thing that we are kind of upset for. I think that they had like what…200 yards passing. I don’t think that’s us. We’ve been doing great for the last couple of weeks. We just need to go back to the drawing board and see what we did and wrong and correct them.”

(On the Seahawks staying focused after national fans calling this game a ‘letdown game’…) “No. I think that we were sharp out there. We were very focused, we took what we learned from the classroom and our preparation was on point. Everybody was on point and we are very hard to beat when everybody is right there. Our D-line played great. It was nice to see Clem [Chris Clemons] get up to the quarterback, and [Cliff] Avril, and Michael Bennett has been playing great, all three games we’ve played so far. So, credit to them and we can’t do it without them.”

LB BOBBY WAGNER (On Wagner’s interception…) “Yeah you know…they were going into the red zone. So when you’re as a defense, we needed to make a play and stop them from scoring. So he threw the ball up, tipped, caught it.”

(On if the Jaguar’s performance was expected to Wagner…) “Yeah we knew that they were going to come out hard. I knew, with Coach Gus [Bradley] being over there, I know he wanted to get this win. So we knew that they were going to come out with a lot of energy. So we just had to match that and more.”

(On concerns for the defense after the backup defensive players gave up yards and points…) “No. I just think that we got some stuff that we need to clean up just like every other team. We are going to go enjoy this win and then we are going to go back into the film room and correct mistakes.”

(On Chris Clemons being back…) “I mean he looked good. We love having him out there on the field. I think they knew that he was out on the field, so they tried to chip him and paid a lot of attention to him. But we love having him back out on the field.”

(On Earl Thomas’ play potentially changing Browner’s responsibilities…) “Nothing at all. I just think that we take an initiative to disguise our defense a little bit because he’s still our free safety. I’m here to feel safe. I mean he’s coming down to make tackles. It says a lot about him as a safety. He’s going to be down in there in that box and get dirty.”

(On how much confidence Earl Thomas has in the corners in terms of protecting the outside…) “We all have confidence in each other. We can play man-to-man. That’s what we do over here. We got two big guys on the edge man and he’s one heck of a safety.”

C WALTER THURMOND (On the defensive line’s stopping the run today…) “We have so much depth on the defensive line, its ridiculous. The talent that’s out there…I mean these guys can play anywhere in the league. We have artful types. You know, we are very big in style. It all starts in the trenches though. I mean it makes our job easier on the back end, having to cover passes, especially when we get after the quarterback the way we like did today.”

(On Chris Clemons being back on the field…) “It’s great to have him back. He brings another pass rushing ability out there. I mean he looks like he’s a little heavier than he was last year as well. He brings that stoutness as well in the run front, in the run game and stuff like that. It’s great. Those guys sub out, we bring another starting unit back in there. So their offensive line is not getting any break. It’s tough for opposing offenses.”

(On the team being 3-0…) “Yeah I mean we’re still climbing that mountain. Jacksonville is a great team. They came out there and put some points on us in the second half there. Now we have to get better from this game. We’re right back at it tomorrow morning and preparing for Houston after that.”

CB RICHARD SHERMAN (On the Seahawks having a two game lead in the division…) “I didn’t know that. But I’m sure that we are going to try and make it more.”

(On Sherman’s thoughts about number one in the NFC West…) “No, but it’s early. Anything can happen. Last year, he got us going two and one and Arizona was 4-0 or 5-0 early on. It’s always about what you are doing in November and December that really counts.”

(On this game being unusual since Gus Bradley was on the sidelines…) “Not really. We pretty much played this one. It was simple concepts, we played them well. A lot of guys obviously did what they did, but we were disappointed. We weren’t expecting to give up that many yards or that many points.”

(On the offenses’ performance…) “Yeah I’m proud of the offense. They scored a lot of points, that’s what we needed. They needed that for confidence and going into next week. We are playing against a good Houston team. It felt good to get the win. But obviously we wanted to play better.”

DE CHRIS CLEMONS(On if he felt rusty at all…) “Not at all. I was getting some good work all week long for the last two weeks. Just understanding and getting the snap count, just trying to get into the groove because I wasn’t playing on first or second down. That was the biggest thing, just trying to get into the groove.”

(On how he felt conditioning wise…) “I felt great. They just really tried to keep me from seeing it if I do get fatigued but for the most part I am pretty good. Just conditioning throughout the summer, even when I got back here I just have to give credit to the training staff and the guys in the weight room they just have me working all of the time. It was pretty easy for me to get into shape because I never really get out of shape.”

(On if had been bugging the coaching staff to let him back out there…) “No not for the most part. Competitors are just going to do whatever they can so whenever I find a way to do something at practice I just ask coach, ‘Can I do it?’ and if he allows me to do it I will do it.”

(On if the mental hurdle is the last thing to get over and trust his leg again…) “No I never lost faith in it. Through rehab just working without a brace and stuff I wouldn’t have to depend on anything else to try to get my mental strength. The biggest thing was just trusting in my work, trusting in my rehab that I have been doing and I feel pretty good about it.”

(On how exciting our pass rush could be when at full strength…) “That was the biggest thing, not having just two guys but having 5-6 different guys that can get after the quarterback. Coach is doing a great job of getting those guys in, so now once Bruce (Irvin) gets back we are going to get after it.”

(On how the months were for him since he last played in the Washington game…) “You know you wake up some days feeling great and some days feeling like I don’t know if I can do it again. The biggest thing is just trusting what they had me doing as far as rehab and the weight room. Just continuing to believe in what I can do.”