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Around the NFC West: 49ers not only ones having problems

The 49ers have problems well beyond defensive end Aldon Smith's personal struggles.

Smith will be taking an indefinite leave to seek treatment after playing Sunday following his DUI arrest a little more than 48 hours prior to kickoff. Here's hoping he can tame his demons.

That's just one of the 49ers' current problems. Linebacker Patrick Willis left Sunday's 20-7 loss to the Colts with a groin injury. Quarterback Colin Kaepernick had a poor day, going 13-for-27 with an interception and a fumble. From the San Jose Mercury News:

In the NFL, you can't win when your offense produces only seven points in a game -- or just 10 points total over back-to-back weeks. And there's your paltry truth about the 49ers offense, after a 29-3 loss at Seattle on Sept. 15 and Sunday's mess.

Really? One touchdown and one field goal, combined, in two games? That's not an NFL offense. That's the Jacksonville Jaguars.

To pile on, Tim Kawakami says between on-field performance and the handling of Smith, this is a low point for Jim Harbaugh.


Other teams in the division are having their own problems.

St. Louis was smacked 31-7 on Sunday by Dallas. From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Outplayed, outmatched and embarrassed, the Rams had no answer for basically anything Dallas tried on either side of the ball at AT&T Stadium, aka Jerry Jones’ Playpen. And afterward, Fisher didn’t really have an answer for what went wrong.

“You know what? I can’t explain it,” Fisher said. “We’re going to look at the tape and see what happened. But I didn’t expect to see this happen. I’m disappointed. Our players are disappointed. We had a really good (practice) week, and it just didn’t carry over.”

Not by any stretch of the imagination.


Much like the Rams, the Cardinals had few answers. They were also beat, 31-7, by the New Orleans Saints. From the Arizona Republic:

After that first possession, it became the Dave Zastudil show for the Cardinals. Zastudil is a fine fellow, but he punts. And the next eight Cardinals possessions ended with Zastudil on the field. The two after that ended in interceptions.

“When you don’t move the ball on third down, when you don’t move the ball effectively enough on first and second down, when you give that team (the Saints) that many possessions, they are going to score 30-something points,” Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer said.