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Houston's Kubiak on Hawk D: 'I think their speed is number one'

We had a chance to chat with Houston coach Gary Kubiak this morning. Here's most of what he said:

(On Russell Wilson…) “Yeah boy he is impressive. I just think that they’re doing a tremendous job there. Scheme wise with him, they’re running the ball so well, and obviously booting a bunch off of the runs and finding ways to make big plays and using his athletic abilities. He was a very impressive young man coming out. I remember visiting with him in Indianapolis, and just his will to succeed and that’s what you’re seeing in the league which is very impressive.”

(On Matt Schaub…) “First off I think he’s a winner, and everybody is looking for winners in this business and people that are consistent and that’s what he’s done. Especially the last few years since he’s been here, our team has improved. He’s a very smart guy; he’s going to get the ball to the right guy. He gets the ball out and does a hell of a job understanding his protection problems and those types of things. I just think he’s a good operator. Obviously we always need to play good around him, that’s important for the whole team. The quarterback is not going to be successful if the football team is not playing well; I don’t think we did that last week. I got a lot of confidence in him, I believe in him, our team believes in him, and I think he’s been a good consistent player in this league.”

(On which areas does Matt Schaub need to step up…) “Well I think everybody needs to step within organizations, not just one guy, and I think he has done that. The first two weeks we were buried and he stepped up and found a way to get us out of there with a win. I think that terms of every week in this league, you only get 16 opportunities and everybody needs to step up if you’re going to be successful. We’ve done that twice, didn’t do it last week.”

(On if he has noticed different teams doing different things to try to confuse Matt Schaub…) “I don’t know. We see a lot of different things from what we do offensively, I think everybody does. You never know how you’re going to get played on a given Sunday or whatever day you play. You just have to be able to adjust. I think it’s pretty obvious, he’s a pocket thrower, and I think he’s a pretty darn good one. So it starts with us protecting him a little better, and obviously he’s got some better decisions to make.”

(On what DeAndre Hopkins has added to the passing game…) “He balances us up a little bit. We’re getting production on both sides of the field. I think he’s made some big plays for us, he’s very young, he has a long way to go and he’s only going to get better. Andre Johnson has went out of the first three games we’ve played, there’s been reasons why he’s left the game for whatever that was and this kid has had to step up for us, and he’s done it.”

(On Duane Brown’s injury and Ryan Harris against the Ravens…) “Duane is doing well. He got a little work on Monday. We expect him to do a little bit more today. We still list him as day to day as we work toward the weekend. I think Ryan battled, he did some good things. He had some tough times against a great player. Terrell Suggs is a hell of a player so he got his opportunities against him and Elvis Dumervil, but that’s part of this league. We have confidence in Ryan, we can help him more with what we’re doing, and we got in a big throwing mode last week, and that’s difficult on anybody who’s protecting the edges out there.”

(On the Seahawks defense…) “I think their speed is number one, they’re very active. They fly to the ball and don’t give up big plays. Obviously their two corners are great players and can lock people down, but I just think their overall effort and speed and the way they rally to the football, it’s a big, big challenge for us.”

(On Shiloh Keo…) “He’s much improved. He operated as the starter the first two weeks, he got an opportunity and I think he took advantage of it. I think he proved that he’s very capable of that. You never know how things are going to pan out, but Ed Reed is back. Shiloh is still playing a great deal in dime and those types of things. He’s a heck of a special team’s player for us; he’s just a very clean good draft choice that I think has got a bright future, being able showing that he can handle starting those first two weeks I think adds to his future.”

(On his post season troubles…) “Well we need to stay focused on each game. People talk about the hump and what you want to do, and this and that, but this season is just so hard and so long, and you have to stay focused on the moment. We had changes on our team, we had changes at fullback, we have a young receiver, we lost a very good player in Glover Quin who was a big part of our defensive football team last year. So every team is different. This one I think is trying to find it’s identity. It’s battled through three weeks, found a way with a couple of tough games early. Obviously we didn’t play very good as a team, especially in the second half last week. Now we have a big challenge this week. We’re just trying to stay focused on the moment, and I think time will tell what we end up being, but we’re just trying to stay focused on out work.”