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Full quotes from Pete Carroll

Here's what Pete Carroll had to say Wednesday:


(On how Coach Carroll solving the road trip issues...) “Well I don’t know if we solved it but we know what we are doing and how we want to get it done and we feel comfortable about the formula of how we go and the days that we go and all of that. But each time you go, you have to crank it all up again and make sure everybody is focused and tuned in when we travel, with the right mindset to get this done. It’s a very special challenge for us because this is the second of five. So it’s really important that we get good at this. I don’t know how successful we were the first time at really owning it but we got through that game and made it. But I do look forward to it because we have to get good at this.”

(On planning ahead for back to back road trips...) “No. We don’t plan ahead much around here.”

(On protocols for planning for an away game…) “Yeah the good thing… we don’t return very late. We get back here pretty early on the return aspect of it. We’re coming back, as we did last year. I think we went to Miami, came back, and went to Chicago last year. So we feel like we understand how to do that too. But it’s important, it’s very important. Changing the schedule hits us. We have to do a good job with all of the processing of this and make the most of it.”

(On the challenge of facing Matt Schaub...) “He’s really good, he’s really accurate, he has a tremendous group to throw to, they have a style of getting the ball down field. It’s really effective. They are such a committed run team, that their passing game is huge and they know to try and strike you dead when they get into the play action of the offense. So he just does a really nice job. He’s really a pinpoint guy against tight coverage, like the really good guys are. You can be all over a guy and he can put the ball where the receivers and the only guy who can get it and he does that a lot. So we think a lot of him. He’s a pocket guy. A little different. Not going to run around a whole lot. But, they handle that system really well with that system. He’s in the pocket with their protection and he does a great job. So it’s tough.”

(On moving Sherman around to certain players in the future...) “It’s an option. That’s really what it is. It’s an option that we exercise every now and then when you can and when it makes sense. We have a really unique player the last time around, so we thought that might fit. We consider that every week. You know, those kinds of match ups and things. So I can’t tell you much about that.”

(On Bryan Cushing...) “Well Cush [Bryan Cushing] was an outside guy for us all along. He was always coming off of the edge. But, he was an extraordinary, all-around athlete and he could play anything. He played every position in high school, he was the star at everything, he was a great great player. One of the best guys that we ever recruited in all around ability and all of that. It’s not a surprise to me at all that he wanted to play on the inside just because he is so instinctive and he’s so tough and aggressive and he wants to come at you. I’ve said that during the process when the scouts had come in at SC that, ‘You might be surprised. I could see him playing inside’ because they hadn’t looked at him there. They hadn’t seen there. So tis not a surprise to me that he’s a factor. Very aggressive, really instinctive, really tough, and runs well, and plays biog. He’s a big issue for us as well.”

(On Gary Kubiak talking about the Seahawks' speed and Coach Carroll's thoughts about that statement...) “Well it’s always been one of the aspect of building a defense that we wnate3d to stand by because you need to chase the football. It’s just such an advantage when your guys can fly. The hard part is when you want to be big and strong and also be able to fly around, so we kind of mix. If you notice, we have a couple of big guys that sit inside and we try to have a lot speed at all of the spots around it. It just for pursuit really and the activity and the pressure, and the playmaking ability, we’ve always found comes better out of the guys that are the most mobile. So we’ve been doing it for a long time like that.”

(On what stood out to Coach Carroll about Michael Bennett...) “Couple of things. One, Dan Quinn knew him. You know, Dan [Quinn] had some background with him and really championed him. Thought that he could really help us. He had close to ten sacks last year. All of the same kinds of activity. Stuff that we are seeing now. So we saw him as a guy who could have a special role for us and make up of the guys that we didn’t have because he’s kind of slippery and sneaky fast. So he’s just been intense and more physical than we could picture you know. So we were really pleased with him.”

(On Red Bryant practicing today...) “Red [Bryant] won’t go today. He’ll go tomorrow. We will hold a few guys out today and make sure that we get him started with the week on Thursday. So there’ll be a few of those guys like that that you’ll see.”

(On Red Bryant playing this Sunday...) “Yes.”

(On similarities of the Texans' offense to the Seahawks' offense...) “Absolutely.  Yeah they’re a zone running team. Big commitment to the zone running game and so they do really similar stuff and it really makes you bite up in the line of scrimmage to play the run and then get the big separation in the stuff they throw downfield in my linebackers and all. So there’s a lot of the same stuff. They’ve been doing a lot of the same stuff. They’ve been doing it longer than we have in this style and been getting the ball downfield better than we have over the years,. So we are kind of growing into it now.”

(On if designing a game plan being easier to prepare for because of the similarities...) “Not as much as you would think. However, we have seen a ton of zone plays throughout camp and OTAs and all of that. They’re a little different. The run it a little bit differently than we do. But, it’s generally the same. So there’s a lot of carry over. They have the same advantage.”

(On Jermaine Kearse...) “Yeah he’s going to try and go tomorrow. We are going to rest him today too. he’s making a very quick recovery it seems. Matter a fact, he’ll be running now to see how he can do for tomorrow. We don’t know all of that yet. But we have our fingers crossed that he has a chance to play.”

(On any difference to the game plan in terms of playing against a 3-4 defense in comparison to a 4-3 defense...) “The athletes are different than four-three guys. The edge guys are a little faster; they’re a little smaller than the ends that you would see in four-three schemes. They, like us, they play three-four personnel. We play four-three looks and so it’s very similar. They’re not real complicated. They are just very very aggressive on defense. Very aggressive. They’ll pressure more than anybody that we’ll play all year.”

(On being comfortable playing Alvin Bailey and Michael Bowie...) “Absolutely. Yeah they have made great progress and if that was the case… I went back, matter a fact, and watch the game over again just to watch those guys and see how they’re doing. They did a very nice job and they’re coming along quickly.”

(On Breno Giacomini's knee...) “He’s sore today. He’s not going to go today. We’ll see how he is. he’s got some more information to get in and to see where he is. But he got nicked a little bit in this ball game.”

(On JJ Watt being on Coach Carroll's radar during the draft...) “Oh we loved him. Yeah we loved him because he was so instinctive and such a natural football player. He has a fantastic talent. I don’t think anybody knew that he was going to be this dominant and maybe I’ve hear Houston say that they didn’t know that either. So I’m saying that. But he’s just saying that he’s just an extraordinary player and that did show. That did show up.”

(On JJ Watt showing his ability to play tight end and defensive end...) “He’s fast. He’s faster than most of the guys who come out. I think he’s in the four sixes you know and to go along with everything else he’s got and that’s what kind of separates him. There’s not very many guys that play up there that run that fast.”

(On Bruce Irvin…) “I think he’ll fit in great. We can’t wait to get him back. It’s amazing how fast it’s gone. We’re just one week from getting him back in here. We’ll find out how the layoff affected him, but we’re jump right back in just as we have. When other guys come back we fit them in, and as they show as they’re ready to go, he’ll definitely be a factor. We don’t have anybody as fast as Bruce. He roars off the edge, and the position that he’s played, playing SAM backer for us on early downs, allows him to be an effective blitzer too. We really like that part of what he brings. The other guys have been playing really well to you know, so he’s going to have to work his way back in, but we’re anxiously awaiting him coming back.”

(On being pleased with special teams…) “First off I don’t know if I agree with it being more important on the road. I think it’s important every week, every game wherever you are going. It’s hugely important. We’ve made really solid progress on special teams. I love that we’re playing really hard. You can feel the intensity of the guys chasing kicks and all of that. We’ve been very sharp in terms of the negative plays and penalties. I think I told you guys the other day, only one penalty on special teams, I hate bringing that up because I don’t want to blow it out of whack, but it’s been a great asset to us. The thing that we’re missing on special teams is kickoff coverage. Our guys are flying, they’re really good at it we think, and we want to see that, but we’re not getting many chances because Steven Hauschka keeps kicking the ball out of the endzone. That’s a good part, but we’re missing that part and that’s a part that we really like about our team. I think we’re on our way in good fashion right now.”

(On O'Brien Schofield playing two positions…) “He’s extraordinary valuable, to do all that he’s done and to be a feature nickel rusher as well. We didn’t know that we were going to be banged up with Cliff, and we didn’t know when Chris Clemons would get back, and then with Malcolm Smith having an issue here early already, it’s been obvious how important he’s been. He’s done well on special teams too. He’s on the punt team and has done some really good things, so he’s just been a terrific addition for us, we’re very fortunate to have found him.”

(On how obvious it became to Coach Carroll that Chris Clemons would be back soon…) “I don’t know if I would say obvious, but we felt like just watching his progress. He really took some jumps when he got back here after the offseason. He was in such good shape that he could take the workload. I think that was the great asset that he had. I don’t know how he stayed in such good condition, but when really started to pound away on him to get him back, he could handle it and stay out there and keep working and endure it. He was so ready to get right that it really accelerated the process. We put him through a workout out here similar to what we put free agents through a workout when we’re bringing guys in and trying guys out, and I said to everybody ‘if he was to come in here and we didn’t know who he was, and we worked him out right here, we would have all said we’d like to put him on our team.’ That was about a month before we eventually got him on the practice field. We felt like he looked like he was ready. We knew he had the surgery, we knew he had the recovery, we knew the timeline and all, and so we still stayed conservative with it. When we turned him he was ready. He was really ready to go. We did take a shot at the thought of instead of PUPing him and setting him back for a while. We just thought that his nature and the attitude, and all of the information that we had, lead us to think that he’s get back maybe a month earlier which is what turned out. We’re very excited about how that worked out.”

(On big changes to opposing teams' defenses defending Russell Wilson…) “No not really, not at all. Nothing significant that’s changed anything. Nothing has changed the way that we’re playing or we haven’t had to adapt to anything new. No new schemes. They’re not, not rushing him, they’re still trying to come after him, and he’s still has been able to get out on the edge and do his damage out there. We never expected to run him a lot with the football, he gets his runs anyway. I don’t think much has change yet.”

(On protecting against Andre Johnson playing…) “Yeah we totally prepare like he’s going to play, we have to. He’s a fantastic football player. The fact that they’ve targeted him over ten times a game, that’s a big statement that they’re making about him. We’re counting on him playing and if he isn’t then we’ll just adjust, but we think he’s going to be out there, and we need to do some stuff to make sure we know where he is at all times. They really rely on him. And they have other good players too. Owen Daniels is really good, and DeAndre Hopkins is doing a good job. So they have good players to go to, but he’s just their favorite so we need to acknowledge that.”

(On anything new with Percy Harvin…) “Yes matter of fact there is something new. Where he is is the question, he’s in New York right now. He’s back in New York rehabbing and making sure that we really do everything just right. Like we said he was very positive about how he’s coming back. We want to make sure we do a great job and support it in every way. So we’ve made a couple of choices to send him back, and he’s doing great.”

(On Jordan Hill…) “Jordan Hill is going to be on the practice field today, his first time. He’ll go out in limited basis, but we’ll finally get him back out there which is great.”

(On if Jordan Hill will play Sunday...) “I don’t know that yet, I may be lobbying for him during the week here, but just the fact that it's been a month or whatever is good. We just continue to be patient with these guys to make sure that when they’re back they can stay back.”

(On Jeron Johnson or Spencer Ware…) “Spencer is not going to make it back, and Jeron is limited this week. He’s not going today.”

(On the Seahawks roster not having a primarily targeted receiver…) “Well if you’re ion the receiver room they want more targets, and I don’t blame them. It’s the nature of the guys. We really are spreading the ball around, and it’s worked out fine so far. We’re not trying to stat anybody out in particular, we’re just trying to win games and use our guys the best we can, and it’s just worked out that way so far. There hasn’t been an intention to do that necessarily, Russell moves the ball around to everybody and everybody plays. We’re rotating everybody. We keep looking at this like it’s a long haul. It’s a long race we’re in here and we don’t need to wear anybody out early in any fashion if we could help it. We’re doing that across the board, and it happens to be showing itself there in the receiving group. We love our guys and we think they’re really doing a great job.”

(On grading the offensive line for the past 3 weeks…) “I thought Paul McQuistan made it through the first game and survived it. He played better in the second game because he had a week of preparation at tackle. He was sharper on stuff, his communication was better and he utilized his help more so. Those guys are continuing to progress. I’m still waiting for us to really hit it in the running game, I don’t think we’ve gotten back to that level that we had the second part of last year where we were really precise and really moving it, and we’re really being explosive. I think we’re going to continue to get better. That’s a big jump though for Paul to become a starting left tackle in the league and he’s been playing guard. He has played tackle in his history, but to play up to Russell Okung’s level is a lot to ask, but he’s performed well so far.”

(On releasing D' Anthony…) “Yeah Jason Spitz has come in as an offensive lineman to help us out. He’s a center.”

(On DeAndre Hopkins…) “He’s really active, really tough, a really aggressive playmaker at the ball, and he made special plays. We knew he was an explosive guy, he’s already shown that playing for these guys. We thought a lot of him, everybody liked him.”