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Bevell on Watt: '(We have to) make sure that he doesn’t wreck the whole day for us'

Some of the quotes from today's talk with OC Darrell Bevell:

(On preparing the offense for JJ Watt)

“He’s a Badger. Got to love those Badgers don’t you? Yeah…he’s a star player. I mean he really does a great job, he’s tenacious, he works hard, he’s long, he creates a lot of issues. So he’s definitely someone that we have to account for and make sure that he doesn’t wreck the whole day for us.”

(On if pass protection becomes more of a priority against the Texans’ defense…) “Yeah it’s a huge issue. Like you said, it’s always important to take care of the quarterback, keep him upright. But with the players that they have, with [Brian] Cushing pressuring all the time, with JJ Watt, all of the guys that they have. Then there’s scheme, as much pressure as they bring, the protection is paramount this week and we have to do a really good job there.”

(On if knowing where all players are at is a challenge…) “Well in different situations, they do yes. So, yeah you  have to account for them all. The types of players they have as well, when you get them into a nickel or dime situation, there nose comes off the field and then they have all of those different guys that can move. Their outside backers are their ends, but they can move them around and they can spin them around, they could do all different kinds of things with those type of guys. So it creates issues for you. You have to know who you are looking at, how you’re accounting for them, within each protection.”

(On how coach Bevell felt about the third game against the Jaguars...) “Yeah you know it was a good game for us. But, we were able to do just different things in that game. We were able to get the run going, we did fine there and then we were able to get a bunch of wide receivers involved. I think 12 catches by them and nine by the tight ends. That is really cool to see as well. We got a lot of different people involved. So you know each and every week, we go out with a plan obviously. Our biggest plan is continuing to improve and the areas that we focus during the week, whether its running the ball, whether it’s getting started a little bit better, all of those kinds of things come into play every week.”

(On opponent defenses' play schemes changing because of Russell Wilson...) “I haven’t seen a huge difference. There’s probably just some subtle differences and the three games have been so different, there’s just been different types of schemes that we face that may be part of it as well. But I wouldn’t say that I’ve noticed something dramatic.”

(On what else about the Texans’' defense that stands out to Coach Bevell...) “I think the pressure. As much pressure as they bring, they pressure eighty something percent of the time. So there’s always going to be an extra rusher. There always bringing five, they can bring six. So they do a good job with that and that’s something that we are really going to have to be on our toes for.”

(On how the extra pressure will affect play calls...) “I think we have to do it all. I don’t think that you ever want to just live in one thing because they can attack that. If you live in one type of protection, if you’re going to put everybody in and block up seven guys, than they can attack that type of protection as well. So you got to be able to jump in and out of it and like I said, you have to be able to take care of running the football, which is something huge for us. They react different to when you start doing play actions and it kind of gets them off their game a little bit.”

(On how coach Bevell feels about the improvements of the Seahawks' running game...) “Yeah I think we have. We figured out that was what we did. You know, tried to get too cute in that first game and then the last two games, we’ve really tried to bring it back to our bread and butter, things that we do well and in the two games, there was some differences. In the 49wer game, there was a little bit more of the run game with Russell [Wilson] and then the last game, there wasn’t as much of that. So we still feel like we have our core stuff that we are able to use every game. But it’s not something that you could just say, ‘okay this is exactly what we have to defend.’”

(On a balance in the run game...) “Yeah there’s different parts of those plans in the game plan and we kind of jump in and out of them. We see how they’re defending things and it doesn’t even have to be… some of the pass plays can show us what the look is that they’re trying to get to; to take care of some of that. So all of that kind of goes in together. Then we play off of how the defense is defending us that way.”

(On Kellen Davis...) “Really excited about him. He’s a big body, we were able to get him involved, we have kind of given him certain packages because he wasn’t here through training camp. Just kind of building on it a little bit at a time. But, he’s really a versatile guy. He can play the ‘Y’ position, but he also runs well enough, catches well enough he could play the ‘U.’ So we’re trying to do all of that stuff with him right now. Just give him little packages that he can really hone in on, as well as he’s trying to pick up the rest of it.”