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News, notes and quotes Thursday: Sherman and Wilson take the mic

Richard Sherman said he thinks the key to Sunday is turnovers. Russell Wilson thinks his offensive line will be fine. No surprises there.

The quick hits from talking with each:

> Wilson on his line: "I think we'll do a great job. They're a very talented defense. It all starts with J.J. (watt) and his ability to get to the quarterback."

> On dealing with with blitzes (Houston blitzes more than 80 percent of the time): "Make sure the communication calls are right. Also, when you get an opportunity to make the plays deep downfield, you've got to hang in there, stay in the pocket and step up and slide and make some plays sometimes," Wilson said. "It's not always going to be perfect."

> Another aspect against the blitz will be Lynch blocking. "His ability to move his feet and his ability to be so physical at the point of attack," Wilson said. "He can face a defensive lineman to a running back to a DB. He's got it all."

> Asked if he will be watching the St. Louis-San Francisco game, Wilson said he probably won't because he'll be watching tape of Houston.

> Wilson said he didn't think he would be running more than he has so far this season. "I want to be able to just throw it around and give the ball to the right guy at the right time," Wilson said. "I think the biggest thing for me is to not take any unnecessary hits."

> Richard Sherman said the goal for the defense is to hold opponents to less than 100 yards passing.

> He also said when defensive players are stalking for turnovers, they're not taking much of a risk because the approach is built into the scheme.

> Sherman's thoughts on Andre Johnson: "He's been doing it for a while. This is his 11th year. He's been making big plays. He's been making big plays this year as well. He's somebody we actually have to account for, focus on and make sure we know where he is at all times."

> Sherman was asked in a follow-up questions if he was saying Johnson is old. He began to laugh. "You're saying he's old, I'm saying he's veteran."

> During the week leading up to the San Francisco game, Sherman lobbied -- not an uncommon practice for him -- to cover a specific receiver, Anquan Boldin in that case. That's not the case this week. "Not so much when BB's (Brandon Browner) around. He'd take it as a slap in the face if I followed anybody. He's just as talented or more so than I am. Walt's just as capable. Everybody will see him at one point or another."

> Sherman was able to turn a mundane question about seeing Chris Clemons back on the field into an entertaining answer: "Real good to have Clem back out there. He's still in the huddle bitter as all-get-out, but you know feels good just to have him back in the mix. He comes in the huddle, 'Man, shut up!' Nobody even talking right now, geez. But it's good to have him back out there."

> Asked if he has watched the Denver Broncos this year, Sherman said, "A few. I've gotten to catch a few, not too many. What did I miss?"

Just wondering how you think your defense would do against Peyton Manning? "We played against him. I think we did fine."

> A quick add: The Houston Chronicle reports Andre Johnson was limited to individual drills. Kubiak said he’ll be a game-time decision.