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Russell Wilson: 'Sometimes, when you got that much heat on you, you just got to make that play'

Here's everything Russell Wilson had to say Thursday:

(Opening...) “So before we get started, the best part of my week. I go to [Seattle] Children’s Hospital every Tuesday right? This eleven year old, she made me this Seattle Seahawk[s] wallet. So it’s one of a kind. But the coolest part about, it’s made out of duct tape. You guys have to check this out afterwards. It’s like perfect.”

(On the offensive line preparing for JJ Watt...) “I think that we will do a great job. Coach Cable has the offensive line prepared for their defense and what they’re going to do to. They are a very very talented defense obviously and it all starts with JJ [Watt] and his ability to get to the quarterback and make plays. It’s going to be battle. It’s going to be one of those games that we’re going to have to play our best football. We have a lot of respect for their football team. Just watching them on film and everything and all of the things that they can do, it’s pretty impressive. So we are going to have to play our best football and be ready to go and step up to the challenge on the road.”

(On how having three tight ends can help scheme against the Texans’ defense...) “Well I think the biggest thing with us, with the three tight ends and their ability to block too as well. That can also help. You just think about the receivers that we have. We have talented receivers so we are going to have to make plays on the flank. I think the biggest thing is can we stay focused on that third down situation? Can we stay focused on the red zone? Can we make those plays? And obviously, let Marshawn Lynch run the football and get his day going early and often.”

(On the progression that Luke Willson has made...) “Well Luke Willson has done a tremendous job. He’s so dedicated to the game; he’s very very intelligent, he has all of the physical tools that you could ever imagine out of a tight end. You know, he’s 6’5, maybe 6’6. I don’t know how big he is; a lot bigger than me. But, he’s a 6’5 guy that has tons of running ability. He runs a 4.5 flat, he’s a strong kid too, and like I said earlier, he’s really intelligent. He steps up to the challenge and he’s made a huge difference for us this season as well.”

(On how people talked about JJ Watt at University of Wisconsin...) “Well people you know obviously loved JJ [Watt] at the University of Wisconsin and it’s a great great school. Obviously me going there, for my senior year, is an unbelievable experience. I remember when we were at the Pro Bowl, JJ [Watt] and I were talking. We were at some event together and everything; some dinner you know me and him and it’s just…we’re talking and everything and he comes up to me and he goes, ‘You know, man. Too bad I didn’t stay my senior year. We probably would’ve won the national championship’ and he left his junior year and everything like that. He’s just a talented player. He’s very dedicated to what he does and he’s got it all. We’re going to have to play our very best football. It’s hard to stop a guy like that. The thing is can we slow him down and make the plays when we need to?”

(On assuring to reduce penalties and protecting the ball...) “Well I think our experience, just our trust in the guys that we have the communication. I know so much more… I just understand the game so much about the game and I understand so much more about our protections and all that. So you know, just going throughout the week and understanding how I’ve progress throughout the week and how I’ve learn what they’re trying to do on the defensive side of the ball and understanding the ‘Whys’ of our offense and the ‘Whys’ of their defense and why they are trying to do what they are trying to do. How can we be successful? And, I think the biggest thing is just being focused on just being clam when the game is on the line, when situations when you’re down in the red zone or third down. Just tune in a little bit more, especially on the road. You know, everybody is rooting against you and you got 72,000 however many fans it is, rooting against you and there’s no better time. There’s no better time to just focus on what we do and focus on us and we’re preparing for that this week right now.”

(On what Russell Wilson likes about having multiple targets to throw to rather than just focusing on passing to one receiver ...) “Well the thing that Coach Bevell does a tremendous job of is finding mismatches and just getting the ball to different guys. I’m not the type of quarterback just to throw to one guy all the time. I believe that you have to spread the ball out, diversify the football, and just facilitate the ball at the right guy at the right time and we have so many talented receivers. From our tall guys to our shorter guys, our quick guys to our fast guys, and then you think about the tight ends and then you think about the running backs too. They’ve been in the passing game too as well. So we want to be able to facilitate the ball at the right guy at the right time and keep the chains moving and score touchdowns.”

(On what the most important trait is to countering the Texans’ blitzing defense...) “Well I think the biggest thing is getting the ball out quick, being smart with the football, protecting, making sure the communication calls are right, and then also when you get the opportunity to make the plays deep down field, you got too hang in there and just stay in the pocket and step up and slide and just make some plays sometimes. You know, it’s not always going to be perfect. Sometimes, when you got that much heat on you, you just got to make that play and I’ve got full confidence that we’ll be able to do that. It’s going to be a challenge that’s for sure and we will have to step up to that challenge.”

(On how important it is to have Marshawn Lynch being a great blocker...) “Yeah you know the running backs do a great job of blocking for us and you know, Marshawn Lynch leads it off with his ability to move his feet, his ability to be so physical at the point of attack, he can face a defensive lineman to linebacker to a DB. So he’s got it all and that’s what makes Marshawn [Lynch] so talented across the board. Obviously he can run the football really well, he can catch really well. But, you can’t underestimate his ability to block too as well.”

(On if Russell Wilson expected to run the ball more this year...) “Not really. You know, I want to be able to just throw it around and give the ball to right the guy at the right time. You know, I think the biggest thing for me is not taking any unnecessary hits and just being smart with the football. Like you guys know me, I’m always trying to throw the ball. I’m always, you know, when I try to scramble, I’m always looking down the field and if it happens that I run, then I just run and it’s just one of those things. You know, I’m always trying to get it to our true playmakers and let the make the plays and we got a lot of them. We got a lot of guys that can make a lot of plays and score a lot of touchdowns for us.”

(On grading the overall offensive performance...) “You know, I think the only way that I think that I can really evaluate it is that I that we’re did better than last week. That’s the goal. As the end of the day, there’s no certain…can I give it an A-plus? Can I give it a B? It’s one of those things that I think that we’ve gotten better every week. Our communication has gotten better, just the timing with the receivers and everything has been great so far. So we just got to keep going and that’s the exciting part about. We got a lot of talent and we just got to keep gong and keep believing and then when the game is on the line, we got to make those plays. Like I always say, those game altering plays. When those plays happen, especially on the road, we just got to capitalize on those moments.”

(On how closely Russell Wilson would be watching the 49ers vs. the Rams game tonight...) “I probably won’t be able to watch it all, to be honest with you. Probably will be watching Houston and their blitzes and trying to figure out what they’re doing in the red zone stuff. So I’ll probably just be able to see the highlights. But I’m sure it’ll be a good game.”

(On Russell Wilson’s relationship with Keith Price...) “Well Keith Price has done a great job obviously in University of Washington. Just watching him and when I first got here, a year and a half ago however long it was, it was one of those things you know, I just wanted to get involved with him right away and just be around. He’s such a talented kid; I’ve heard a lot of great things about. I’ve gotten to know him myself. He’s got so much ability and he takes charge. That’s the thing that I love about him. A lot of the times, when you are playing college football, not too many quarterbacks take that leadership and just watching his practices, just watching his demeanor on and off the field, his body language on the field, I think shows so much leadership and he has a lot of ability obviously. I’m excited for him. I’m excited for his future, I’m excited for what he continues to improve from week to week, and hopefully they keep winning.”