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Dan Quinn on the Texans: 'A number of play makers'

Here's everything defensive coordinator Dan Quinn had to say today:

(On accounting for Andre Johnson…) “I think the size and length, number one. He’s a big guy at receiver, he’s really strong in terms of the way he goes after the ball. He targeted a bunch, he’s a good player for them for a long time, and we certainly hold him in high regard.”

(On where to start preparing for the Texans’ explosive offense…) “Well I think the number one thing with this team… first, you got to talk about their run game. You know, their accomplished run game. They have been for years in terms of the zone attack that they use. Real similar to the approach that we do, in term of the outside stretch zone and things like that. So that’s where it begins with us and they got a number of play makers and certainly the two runners are ones that can take a distance on their one-cut scheme and where they can get up and we’ve seen them breaking it.”

(On Ben Tate…) “I think just the strength of it and probably one… he had one long run. Maybe that also accounted into one where he had a sixty yarder. I think just the strength of him. He’s a good runner, he runs behind his pads and their zone scheme. Like I said, they do a really good job, in terms of the way that they run it and fortunately for us and Tom [Cable] and our offense and in terms of the style of zone, we play some of that too. So it’s good when we get a chance to work against a team like our self.”

(On the Seahawks’ defense being disappointed that the Jaguars’ offense scored…) “Yeah I think there’s some real competitive guys and so we thought that we had a chance where we could maybe keep finishing and that’s really one of the mantras around here in terms of the way that we finish. For us to have a score and to give them credit, they came up with some things at the end. Really for us, it’s about the finish and it always is. So there was a disappointed. It wasn’t at all about the victory; it was just in terms of the way to finish.”

(On Coach Quinn loving to see guys have such high expectations and attitude…) “No doubt. Yeah. It’s a competitive bunch and like I said for us, our whole mantra is finishing. So if there was any, that would be why.”

(On what Dan Quinn saw in Michael Bennett…) “I think sometimes, when a guy has enough size and initial quickness, you immediately think, ‘can we turn him into a nickel-inside rusher?’ Although he played D-End at Texas A&M. A taller guy whose coming out at about 275 [pounds] he said, ‘well he has the traits that we are looking for as a nickel rusher.’ That’s why we tried to move him down there. To his credit, he’s a really smarty football player and in the game this week, he lined all the way from outside the tight end all the way lined up on the nose tackle. So what we call the nine-technique, he’s outside the tight end, he lined in s five-technique on a tackle, a three, and then all the way down. So we put him in a variety of spots and he could handle it and we are glad for all of the versatility to that he brings us.”

(On how nice it is for Coach Quinn to utilize Michael Bennett’s versatility…) “Yeah its… for a coach, it’s good for  Travis [Jones] and I and for the rest of the guys, you can put a lot on to Mike [Michael Bennett] and he’s got really good football smarts and he’s… ‘Okay I can play end, I can play tackle, and I can move out here.’ So real credit to him and how hard he has to work to study a number of different spots. We wouldn’t do it to him if he wasn’t able to handle it. So we’re glad that he can.”

(On having O’Brien Schofield being an outside linebacker…) “At some packages, just finding ways to rush you know, in some of the passing situations. OB [O’Brien Schofield] has done a good job for us this year, in terms of the attitude and the way and the style and that kind of stuff. We are real thrilled to have him here. We knew we’d have him into the mix and then Chris Clemons back was certainly something that we’ve been really looking forward to. He’s worked extremely hard to get back. So for him to come back and have a chance to rush, and I think that he got about maybe 13 plays something like that. So his first time back... it’s kind of like we did with Cliff [Avril] the week prior, where we kind of got him going and played him in some passing situations. So we will get a chance to move him up a little bit more this week.”

(On getting creative with playing all of the talented defensive players…) “Yeah and its really their mindset and the attitude they bring as pass rushers. That’s an effort position as a rusher where you just got to keep busting… if you get one, you had a really good day and you really got to rush as hard as you can. So just the versatility; having those guys play a couple of different spots is important for us in terms of sometimes lining them up on their feet, sometimes down. But we’ve been practicing that and we’re fortunate that those guys are able to handle it.”

(On Chris Clemons saying that ‘I can’t wait to see what happens next week when we get [Bruce] Irvin back…’) “Yeah we’ll be ready. We’ll have something available. But yeah really, OB [O’Brien Schofield] has done a good job and its nice having Cliff [Avril] and Mike [Morgan] back and Clem [Chris Clemons] back. So more rushers. If we could put more of them out there, then we will.”