Seahawks Insider Blog

Pete after Friday practice

--Unger Breno? We'll find out on game day on those guys

--This is a week we have tremendous respect for this opponent, they're a loaded football team, they're hungry to get back

--Lemuel at center? Lem's ready to go, he's played in games for us, he knows how to make all the calls ... we're very confident in Lem's work

--Unger. He's got a triceps injury we're just trying to get through

--Jeron. We're not counting on him to get back this week. it's lingered longer than we thought it would

--Key off linemen out? Our guys are ready to play ball if they're called on to do so.

--Jordan Hill. He's not going to make it. He's still a week away.

--About Bowie: There's nothing about Michael's play that hasn't excited us. He's coming along so fast. He's going to be a lot better later when he gets more time to learn what's going on. the more he plays now the stronger he'll be down the road.

--QB hits in the league. There is a little bit of emphasis of guys coming after the quarterback. ... everybody's tuned into that ... it's just a subtle difference.

--Golden fined 21 k. It's unfortunate. It was a really good block. The intent was to lay a good block. It's really hard for these guys to play hard-nosed football and be right every time.

--Breno again. He did get kinda whacked last week on the same knee so it is a bit of an extension of what he had.