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Carroll: 'We had very good work, very spirited kind of atmosphere, just the way we like it'

Here's everything Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll had to say today, plus a little Russell Wilson:

Russell Wilson…(On Allison giving him a wallet yesterday and getting a new heart today…) “I’m just so happy for Allison the little girl who is 11. She was able to give me the wallet and duct tape it all up, and the next day she finds a heart and gets heart surgery. That’s unbelievable. That’s just a blessing from The Lord that things happen that way. It’s a tremendous honor to get to know the girl. She was so sweet and so gracious.”

(On Max Unger and Breno Giacomini…) “We’ll find out on game day on those guys.”

(On practice this week…) “We had a really solid week. This is a week where we have tremendous respect for this opponent. We don’t know them real well, we had to learn this week because we don’t see them a lot, but they’re a loaded football team. I know that they’re hungry to get back on track, and I know that we’re going to get great shot from those guys. We had very good work, very spirited kind of atmosphere, just the way we like it, so we’re ready to go on the road and get this thing going.”

(On Lemuel Jeanpierre…) “Lem is ready to go. He’s played in games before for us. We know that he knows how to make all of the calls and he’s been with us a long time, so we’re very confident in Lem’s work. If he’s called on he’ll be ready to start and take this thing. He’ll be fine.”

(On Max Unger’s injury…) “He’s got a triceps injury that we’re just trying to get through. We’re really protecting him and make sure that we’re making all of the right choices. So we held him out all week and we’ll see how he is on game day.”

(On Jeron Johnson…) “He’s trying to get back. He’s had a hard time getting back so we’re not counting on him this week. He seems to continue to aggravate it in his workouts. He thinks he’s going good, and then the next day it’s not coming back like we would hope. It’s just lingered longer than we thought it would. He’s still nursing it, but he’s not ready to go.”

(On with the possibility of three key offensive lineman being out and if that affects his scheme…) “No not at all. Our guys are ready to play ball if they’re called on to do so. It won’t be the story about the guys who aren’t playing, it’ll be about the guys who are stepping up and doing their thing. It might be the young guys. If it is, it is and we’ll crank it up and go.”

(On Jordan Hill…) “No he’s not going to make it. He’s still another week away. He couldn’t go full speed in practice yet. Next week really is the week to see if he can get back. We had hoped that maybe he could make some progress, but we’re just being really careful. We want to make sure he gets fully back when he returns.”

(On the 10 a.m. start on the road…) “Yeah we’re ready to go. This whole trip starts now today on Friday. Our guys know the rhythm of it and how it works, and we’re going to take full advantage of getting a little extra rest for everyone, and everyone sleeping on the plane and all of that. So we’ll take good advantage of that and get cranked up and started up and the 10:00 o’clock start time for us is okay. We’re ready for it.”

(On getting to see Michael Bowie play…) “There’s nothing about Michael’s play that hasn’t excited us. He’s just been coming along so fast. He’s going to be a lot better later when he gets more time to learn what’s going on, but he’s physically capable of doing this. So the more he gets to play now, the stronger we’ll be down the road. So we look at it as a real positive for him, and we know he can play good football.”

(On if there is a long-term concern with Breno Giacomini…) “Well we’ll see, we don’t know that yet. We have to get through this week first.”

(On if he’s noticed differences on the way mobile quarterbacks are being defended this year…) “Yeah there is a little bit of an emphasis of guys coming after the quarterback. I think we saw that week one the way the Packers went after the 49ers pretty good. It was a real obvious statement that they were trying to hit him before he could get going. I think with the effort that everybody made in the offseason, everybody is tuned in better. It’s just a subtle difference. There’s not that much of a difference. It seems like defensive ends and outside linebackers are not sitting on the quarterback and waiting as much as they did the year before. There hasn’t really been enough yet to really tell if there’s a trend change and all of that. I noticed it mostly from the packers and the way they chose to play the first week out.”

(On Golden Tate being fined…) “Yeah it’s very unfortunate. It was a really good block, and it was unfortunate for the kid that he was in the position that he got hit so hard. The intent was to lay a block, which just happened to occur. In the heat of the moment, it was a big blasting hit and he got nailed pretty good. It’s really hard for these guys to play really hard nose tough football and be right all of the time. They’re trying to do the right thing, but the league sees it the other way sometimes. Unfortunately that’s the way the ruled on it.”

(On if this is a new thing with Breno Giacomini and his knee…) “He did get kind of whacked last week on the same knee, so it is bit of an extension of what he had. We got to see how he bounces back. We have to be real careful with it again. We’ve continued to talk the same manner about these guys. When they’re getting banged up, we’re trying to give them every chance to get back and utilize our depth. If that’s what this calls for then we’re ready to do that. We’re not going to force guys out there until they’re ready to play.”

(On if this will be the most pressure the team has faced from the opponents defensive line…) “This is a really good group. They have the best pass rusher that we’ll see all year I would think. We have to look at the rest of the schedule here as we get to it. Up to date, J.J. Watt is the most dynamic player that we’ve seen. The fact that he plays right in front of Brian Cushing, who’s a very aggressive attacking player, those two guys have a style about them that causes you problems. They have the ability to really wreck a game for you. So we have to do a really good job there, and we’ll see how it goes, but as of this point, these guys are as tough as they get.”