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Russell Wilson: 'I believe our confidence is always high'

Everything Russell Wilson had to say:

(on the game) "Oh man, that was a crazy effort by the defense, by the offense, by special teams. To be able to win that game, in that fashion, on the road, obviously we didn't start the way we wanted to but it was just one of those things where we had to keep battling. We knew it was going to be a tough game. Obviously, we had offensive lineman that are starters out. For guys to step up and just battle, we knew that going up against one of the best defensive lines, going up against JJ Watt, one of best defensive lineman to ever play the game and even though he's still so young, we knew that we just had to keep battling, keep playing one play at a time, just try to find a way. Obviously Richard Sherman's pick was just unbelievable. It was a great call by the defense and Coach Carroll and our defensive coordinator. Just to be able to make that play right there to give us a chance again, and obviously going into overtime, and keep believing, and then Steve Hauschka making that field goal. It was one of those games, it wasn't the prettiest win in the world, but it sure does look pretty now just thinking about it because of the effort, the relentless, competitive nature that we showed today."

(on wide receiver Doug Baldwin's reviewed catch and if he knew Baldwin was in bounds) "I knew it was in. It was a little fake screen and then Doug ran up the sideline down to the left over there. The guy was covering him pretty good but I had to kind of back-shoulder him and I knew that he had his feet in. It definitely looked like he did. He does a great job of that and we work on that all the time, on that back-shoulder throw. It was a great play by him. That was definitely a game-changing play right there. It allowed us to keep our drive going and we made some big plays later in the game."

(on using his legs more in the fourth quarter) "Like I said earlier, their defensive line was so good and I just tried to find enough time. Our guys were doing every they could just to continue to battle with those guys, and they did a great job, they really did, they stepped up in the second half. I'm so proud of those guys to be able to step in like that. I just had to try to find a way to get first downs and make plays and keep the chains moving. Sometimes I have to use my legs to do it too. They did a good job of covering for the most part, but just trying to slide up and step up and get first downs and keep the ball moving. I think that was big for me. We had to find a way, we always have to find a way."

(on his reaction to cornerback Richard Sherman's interception) "I was on the sidelines standing up and cheering as loud as I could. Based on the formation I thought 'they're probably going to throw the ball right here', just with how it looked on the formation. Our defense is so smart and our guys are so intelligent, that's what makes our defensive line, linebackers and DBs so good, obviously also their talent. But it just looked funny for whatever reason and Richard just, I think we blitzed Kam Chancellor off the side there, and kind of forced Matt (Schaub) not to throw it up for grabs, but to make a tough throw and Richard Sherman kind of stepped in front and took it to the house. That's unbelievable, that's just smart football by us. That's just dedication to just never giving up."

(on the defense providing energy for the offense) "I told our guys on the sideline, our offense, that they're giving us a shot. It just seemed like the momentum was changing. It felt like they weren't getting first downs like they were in the first half. They were doing good in the first half. They were throwing the ball really well against our defense, which is hard to do. So they were throwing the ball well, but it just seemed like in the second half the momentum changed our way and we just had to find a way to keep it going, keep believing and keep finding a way to get first downs and get closer and closer to the end zone. We did that and we found a way to make some big-time plays in some big situations. That's what good teams and great teams do; you know they just find a way to make big plays when they need one."

(on mood in locker room at half time) "It was great. The mood in the locker room was unbelievable at halftime. We knew that if we could just hang in there, if we could just play one play at a time, stay in the moment, just like we learned and talked to the guys about last year. Coach Carroll talked to the guys about it all last year, about when we played on the road and at home too, but 'just play one play at a time. Just stay in the moment. Stay in the now.' We did that through the whole entire second half. The defense showed that. Our offense showed that obviously making some plays when we needed to and so the mood was great. It was unbelievable. It was just that resilient attitude definitely showed up."

(on what it means to be able to do this on the road) "To go against a great football team, they're one of the best football teams, to be honest, in the National Football League, in terms of the Houston Texans, in a great venue. We have so much respect for their football team. It was an unbelievable battle. We just found a way. To be able to do that on the road again, it's a great effort and that's what we needed. We needed to find a way to come up with a huge win on the road and so we're going to have to keep doing that. Obviously, like I said earlier, I think the biggest part of the game, to be honest with you, is when I'm looking back at it nobody really talked about the fact that we had three offensive linemen out. Those guys just kept believing in it, they kept coming in early for meetings, they kept watching film, I kept watching film with them, kept talking to them, and that's what I believe made the difference. Just at the end of the game we think how our right tackle is a rookie going against one of the best defensive linemen to ever play the game, you think about that. That's not easy. You just continue to think about that and just find a way to win and find a way to make plays. That's what we showed."

(on willingness to tuck-and-run towards the end of the game) "There was definitely a point in the game Marshawn (Lynch) and I were talking about it that we had to find some way to buy some time and we did on some plays. I just decided I was going to step up and I'm going to slide a little bit more and if it's not there, I'm going to take off and see what happens to get positive gain rather than going backwards and taking the sack because they were getting back there. Just trying to find a way to get out of the pocket and just make some plays and just decide that on fourth and two, I knew I had to go and get it. Normally, on third down situations I slide or whatever, but I was like 'You know what? I need to find a way to get in there and get that first down.' Then the other one was, I believe, on our game winning drive where we kicked the field goal. I decided I was going to act like I was going to slide almost and then I gave the guy a juke move and got the first down. That's a good part of my game. Obviously, I want to throw it all the time, but sometimes it's just not there and we made some plays throwing the ball when we needed to."

(on Seattle Seahawk's confidence after this win) "I think it keeps us the same. I believe our confidence is always high. That never changes with our football team. That's why we can play in these types of games. You think about last year, you think about this year so far. We've always been in close games and we find a way. I think the biggest thing is that we believe in ourselves, we believe in our coaches, we believe in our fans all the time. We just believe in each other, all the time, no matter what the circumstances are. Keep looking for it; keep looking on for the next play, and staying in that moment if we can do that. Guys like Richard Sherman will make some big plays, Steven Hauschka making that big time field goal, and Doug Baldwin making that big time catch, and other guys making some plays too. That's what we needed."