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Miami Heat's Spoelstra shares championship vision

Russell Wilson wants what Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra has – championship rings.

A native of Portland, Ore., Spoelstra spent today at the Seattle Seahawks team headquarters, including a talk with the full team this morning.

Spoelstra also hung out for practice, talking with defensive passing game coordinator Rocky Seto along the sideline.

Wilson spent time with Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Ray Allen at the ESPYS, so he understands the hard work that went into the Heat winning back-to-back titles.

“Just having him here in front of the team, just having him in meetings with us, and having him at practice with us is an unbelievable experience for everybody,” Wilson said. “For him to talk about how his basketball team was successful and they went about their business in terms of sacrificing – basically that’s what he said. The whole idea of sacrificing everything, the players like Lebron (James) coming to Miami and Dwayne Wade sacrificing all of that.

“That sacrifice that it takes to be great, and to be great so often is kind of what he was talking about for the most part, and having that discipline too as well is something that he also talked about. Just working hard, continuing to work hard, continuing to believe in yourself, and ignoring the noise and that kind of stuff. That’s the main message he gave, and it clicked with us.”

And for a team that finished seconds away from advancing to the NFC championship game, the takeaway from Spoelstra’s talk was clear, according to Wilson -- you have to be willing to sacrifice for the greater good of the team.

“I think the biggest thing that correlates with us and the Miami Heat is the way we practice and the way we go about our business,” Wilson said. “We can’t compare ourselves to them yet, we haven’t done anything yet, and they’ve done a great job of winning the whole thing. That’s what we want to learn from them, how they got there through all of the things that are going on. With all of the positive things that have been said, all of the negative things that have been said, how do you continue to focus on the work ethic part of it, the sacrifice of it all. That’s what he was talking about today.”