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Personnel review -- Week 1 at Arizona, 2012

With July being a slow time in the NFL, I thought we should roll out some of this data on personnel groupings I charted last season. As you recall, Brian McIntyre did a wonderful job of providing this information for us during the 2010 season.

And I plan on bringing this valuable tool back on a weekly basis for the upcoming season.

So our game-by-game look at 2012 begins with Seattle’s disappointing, 20-16 opening-season loss at Arizona in Week 1.

Offensive Personnel Groupings

Excluding penalties, the Seahawks ran 70 offensive plays out of six personnel groupings against the Arizona Cardinals in the opening game of the 2013 season.

-- The Seahawks ran the most plays out of Zebra (39), which is interesting because slot receiver Doug Baldwin came into the game still nursing injuries that kept him out of most of training camp. However, Seattle’s longest drive was the final one at the end of the game, where Seattle ran 20 plays out of that formation.

-- Seattle ran just nine plays out of Base personnel, which is usually a strong run grouping for the Seahawks.

-- Reserve running back Robert Turbin finished with two rushes for five yards, but could have turned both of those runs into explosive plays had he read the blocking correctly. I point this out because Turbin was a difference maker in Seattle's playoff game against Atlanta, and his development over the course of his rookie season was significant.

Russell Wilson Passing vs. Arizona (By Personnel Grouping)

-- Braylon Edwards was targeted a team-high nine times, and led Seattle with 5 receptions for 43 yards. Edwards developed a good rapport with Wilson while working with Seattle's second unit during training camp.

-- Wilson finished 5 of 13 for 47 yards, and was sacked twice on Seattle's final drive of the game that finished on Arizona's 4 yard line.Seahawks Rushing on Sunday (By Personnel Grouping)

Snap Counts (Offense)

Defensive Personnel Groupings

Excluding penalties, the Seahawks defense was on the field for 57 plays on Sunday.-- Seattle sent four or less rushers on 21 out of a possible 37 pass-rush situations.

-- After replacing an injured John Skelton, Kevin Kolb finished 6 of 10 for 66 yards, including a 6-yard touchdown to Andre Roberts.

Defensive Player Snap Count

Special teams Snap Count