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The truth about Lynch and Skittles

DeLisa Lynch, the mother of Marshawn Lynch, provided the low down today at her son’s football camp here in Oakland on the reason he eats the multi-colored candy before every game.

“When he was playing Pop Warner – and I would have to bring the other kids, too – I would always have candy in my purse to kind of calm him down,” DeLisa Lynch said. “So I would take the Skittles before the game and be like, ‘Here baby, you eat these. These are your power pellets.

“I don’t know where anybody got that I would give him Skittles if he scored a touchdown – no. They were his power pellets before the game even started. It was just a joke for me and him.”

DeLisa Lynch said the ritual continued to high school, and by the time he got to college, Cal head coach Jeff Tedford gave him cases of Skittles, telling him not to eat the candy all at once.

Skittles would seem like a natural endorsement deal for Lynch – but that has not happened yet according to his mother.

“I even contacted Skittles to see if they would donate some for the camp,” she said. “I told them we have a non-profit organization and we do a camp. I wrote them personally, but I have yet to hear back from them.

“It’s been over a year, but I’m not going to worry about that because he still likes Skittles.”

Lynch had about 600 kids at his camp on Saturday at Oakland Tech High, where he went to high school.

Lynch, who rarely talks to reporters, did talk about his camp at the end of a long day on Saturday.

“It’s just important to show them a different side of it, and that we feel for them as well,” he said. “They go through so much during the year, so this is an opportunity to just let them hang loose, and just be kids like they’re supposed to.

“Most of them, unless I’m running up into their high school, most of them only see me on TV, so it’s just another opportunity. Most of them I know from previous camps and being out here. So it’s more like a reunion for some of them.”