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Schneider on Harvin's hip injury: "We're prepared either way."

Seattle Seahawks general manager John Schneider went on Sirius XM Radio this morning to discuss Percy Harvin’s injury situation with Rich Gannon and Bruce Murray, which you can listen to here.

Schneider basically reiterated what Pete Carroll told reporters on Saturday – that team is taking a wait-and-see approach to Harvin’s hip issue.

“He came and he had a little bit of an issue that he discussed with our doctors,” Schneider said. “He has some soreness. He’s going to see a doctor in New York tomorrow. And we’ll have much more information at that point.”

Harvin reportedly has a slightly torn labrum in his hip, and Schneider said the team won’t know a prognosis or recovery time until after the receiver gets a second opinion on the injury, which could ultimately require surgery.

“It’s really a huge, huge spectrum, quite honestly,” Schneider said. “It could be something where he’s out practicing in a week-ish, or it could be something like Coach Carroll is talking about where they do advise surgery. And then depending on how they evaluate the situation, that’s dependent on how much time he would miss.”

So if Harvin is unavailable for a significant period of time, who will pick up the slack?

Jermaine Kearse has had a great camp,” Schneider said. “Doug Baldwin’s had a great camp. Golden (Tate) – there’s a couple of younger guys I’m not going to mention in case other people are listening (laughs) – we listen to all this stuff guys, so we try and track everything. We view Percy where his situation was so unique to us that we were not in the unrestricted free agent market with receivers – anybody else to be honest. So the opportunity to acquire Percy through a trade was the only receiver option we were looking at.

“We like the receivers that we have. And we’d like them to be here for a long time.”

Whether Harvin is not available for a few weeks or an entire season, Schneider indicated the organization is ready to move forward.

“We’re prepared either way,” he said. “We’re going to put our arms around him and help him out as much as we can, whether he’s getting ready to rehab and practice next week, or if he has surgery and we have him back here rehabbing and taking care of him.

“We have a six-year contract, and we’re going to take care of him as well as we possibly can. And he’s a huge part of this team obviously. But it’s about team. It’s not about one player. I understand the significance of what he brings, but there’s also a bunch of other guys out there who are busting their tail right now. And not to diminish what’s going on with Percy right now, but there’s a lot of guys that we’re very excited about.”