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Morning links: Seahawks and PEDs

With a league-high six players suspended for performance-enhancing drugs during Pete Carroll’s tenure, the Seattle Seahawks say they are going above and beyond what the NFL requires them to do so that players are better informed about the league’s drug policy.

My story today delves into the program the Seahawks have established to better educate players on PEDs.

Further, I talked with an expert on Adderall, which reportedly was the drug of choice for most of the suspended Seahawks. Dr. David Ferguson, a medicinal chemist at the University of Minnesota, said there’s been a rise in the use of Adderall and other amphetamine-type substances on college campuses, and believes it is no doubt a performance enhancer that can be dangerous and addictive if abused.

“These players are getting a stimulant effect out of it that gives them energy, plus this confidence,” Ferguson said. “It’s this reward where, ‘I’m doing great. I’m focused. And I’m very, very confident and secure in what I’m doing.’ … If folks don’t think they load up, and you get enhancement from increased concentrations of these kinds of drugs, caffeine included, they’re wrong. They’re crazy. They’re fools.

“We all have a few cups of coffee. And when we’re tired, we have an extra one. These amphetamines are no different”

Clare Farnsworth of takes us down memory lane, offering thoughts on former Seattle Times beat reporter for the Seahawks Gil Lyons, who passed away on Tuesday. Lions, who covered the Seahawks from the team’s inaugural season to 1991, was 83 years old.

The Seahawks signed Mississippi State receiver Arceto Clark and released defensive tackle Myles Wade. Clark participated in Seattle’s rookie minicamp in May.

Jerry McDonald writing for the Contra Costa Times says that former Seattle quarterback Matt Flynn is working to become more a leader for the Raiders.

ESPN’s Mike Sando takes a closer look at quarterback rankings against NFC West defense in base and nickel packages. It’s not a surprise that the Seahawks were better against quarterbacks in base defense.

Bob Condotta of The Seattle Times provides his list of the Top five greatest moments in franchise history, with the Seahawks celebrating the franchise’s 39th birthday this week.

Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports places Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, Brandon Browner and Earl Thomas on his list of the players providing the best bang for the buck with inexpensive contracts in 2013.

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports gives us his Top 10 pass rushers of all time. Lawrence Taylor tops the list.

Matthew Gentle offers an interesting interview with the somewhat reclusive Brandon Browner. Check out the video below.