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Wilson faces more pressure than other young QBs?

You probably saw most of the quotes from Russell Wilson last week at the conclusion of minicamp when Eric Williams asked him about concerns over a “sophomore slump.” This morning, ESPN’s Jeffri Chadiha advanced a theory that Wilson still has more to prove than others in the group of young NFL quarterbacks that flashed such promise last season.

Chadiha writes that Wilson has not had to face the scrutiny RGIII has in Washington, nor did he have to replace Peyton Manning in Indianapolis, as did Andrew Luck, nor was his starting role as pressurized as Colin Kaepernick’s in San Francisco, when he was tossed in midseason for Alex Smith. Fair points.

Chadiha quoted an unnamed NFL quarterbacks coach who cited the Seahawks’ strength of defense and rushing game as a contributor to Wilson’s success. Absolutely.

“Now Wilson gets to find out what life is like as a burgeoning superstar … it’s a little different when you’re taking snaps with that label attached to your back,” Chadiha wrote. “Suddenly people don’t rave about you when you’re merely efficient and managing a game (which is a good part of what Wilson did last year).”

The flaw in that assessment is that Wilson only got better last season as the pressure compounded. More importantly, though, Wilson was asked, and will continue to be asked by Pete Carroll, to be “merely efficient” and manage the game.

“Winning alone may not be enough to satisfy his critics anymore,” Chadiha writes.

My opinion: That’s missing the entire point of Russell Wilson, who has given no indication that collecting raves is in any way comparable to collecting wins.

At, Tony Drovetto put together a short piece about receiver Charly Martin attending the NFL Broadcast Boot Camp during the break before training camp. It’s one of those programs the league has instituted to help enhance players’ post-career opportunities.  The best part is the replay of a mock play-by-play done by Michael Robinson of Marshawn Lynch’s history TD run in the playoff game against the Saints. He is quick to point out a "good block by the fullback."

Danny O’Neil at 710ESPN Seattle reports on John Moffitt’s guilty plea to a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge. Moffitt reportedly will pay a fine of $1,407 and his sentence of 24 months in jail suspended. This is an important season for Moffitt, a third-round draft pick who has started 16 games in two seasons and is in a fight for the right guard start with second-year player J.R. Sweezy. Other than starting jobs in question awaiting the status of injury rehabs, this is one spot that qualifies as a battle.