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Hill avoids felony charges in King County court

The King County prosecutor’s office will not pursue domestic disturbance allegations levied against former Seattle Seahawk Leroy Hill according to Dan Donohoe, a spokesperson for the King County prosecutor’s office.

Hill was arrested by the Issaquah police on domestic violence offenses of unlawful imprisonment and third degree assault in January. The incident was Hill’s fourth run-in with the law since 2009. Donohoe said Hill’s case has been declined as insufficient in terms of a felony. However, the 30-year-old, former Seahawks linebacker is not out of the woods yet. His case was referred to Issaquah municipal court to determine if he will face misdemeanor charges.

“We’ve completed our review, and determined that we won’t be able to file a felony, so the case is being declined,” Donohoe said. “However, it’s being sent to Issaquah municipal court, and they will decide whether a misdemeanor will be considered.”

Lynn Moberly, who serves as the prosecutor for the City of Issaquah, will once again determine if Hill will face charges in Issaquah municipal court.

Hill also was arrested in April 2010 at his home in Issaquah on a misdemeanor count of fourth degree assault/domestic violence for an incident involving his live-in girlfriend at the time.

Hill avoided trial and a settlement was reached in the domestic dispute in August 2010, with charges dismissed if he complied with stipulations handed down by the Issaquah Municipal Court.

Those stipulations included completing a one-year state-certified domestic violence treatment program, 26 weeks of weekly therapy and counseling, followed by monthly sessions for six months.

Hill also had to do 25 hours of community service, and could not have any other criminal law violations or possess a weapon for an 18-month period.