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Morning links: Sherman hires replacement ref to umpire celebrity softball game

Maybe the Seattle Seahawks should hire cornerback Richard Sherman to the team’s PR staff. Sherman once again shows some smarts in drawing an audience for his celebrity softball game, along with a cruel sense of humor, by hiring replacement referee Lance Easley to umpire the contest.

Easley was the official who called Golden Tate’s questionable, game-winning catch a touchdown in Seattle’s 14-12 victory over Green Bay on Monday Night football last year.

Sherman: “Remember the Ref who called TD during the Green Bay Game Monday Night??? His name is Lance Easley and he is going to Umpire for us July 7th! Don't be surprised if a few flags are thrown.”

Will Brinson of CBS Sports ranks Russell Wilson No. 12 on his list of the top quarterbacks in the NFL – above Andrew Luck, Colin Kaepernick and RGIII. Brinson: “Wilson should've been the 2013 Rookie of the Year and I'm aware it's blasphemy to take him over the other two big-time rookies in this class. But three things separate Wilson for me. His decision-making is phenomenal (as is his poise in the pocket) and it only got better as the season wore on. That was incredibly impressive. I also think Wilson's ability to run multiple offenses -- he's done so for years now -- gives him a leg up on the other two rookies. And his combination of running ability plus durability puts him over the top. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to buy a hose for the flame war that's about to pop up in the comments.”

Evan Silva of Rotoworld ranks Seattle’s offensive line No. 20 in the league. Yes, it’s probably lower than the team deserves, but I understand the reasoning. Besides Russell Okung and Max Unger, Seattle’s offensive line is not known around the league. Silva: “O-Line talent isn't a strength of the Seahawks, but they absolutely max out their players’ abilities via position coach Tom Cable's tutelage and clear holes in the run game with a zone-blocking scheme. Hard-luck injuries wrecked Seattle's 2012 up-front continuity, as Carpenter missed nine games due to a knee injury and concussion, Moffitt was limited to six starts by elbow and knee woes, and Sweezy was brought along slowly as a former college defensive tackle. This line isn't star studded, but it's good enough and doesn't have a single projected starter above age 27. Whereas the Redskins can expect injury regression, Seattle ought to get it the other way around. Cable will pull production from this unit, and it can get better simply by staying healthy.”

ESPN’s Mike Sando takes a closer look at Seattle’s plans at running back.

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