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Wilson ahead of learning curve in 2nd season

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson’s impressive performance throwing the ball was the main attraction during rookie minicamp a year ago.

But an eventful Monday at the VMAC pushed Wilson’s development in his second season to the back burner.

However, Wilson’s continued development did not go unnoticed by Seattle head coach Pete Carroll.

“He’s threw a couple of balls today, things that we talked about over the offseason that he’d like to take a shot at, and he did it today just to see what would happen with full awareness of why he was doing it,” Carroll said. “We were talking about trying to throw the deep ball last year over guys’ outside shoulder; we’re just a million miles ahead of where we were. He’s the kind of player that will affect other guys – he affects everyone around him – and hopefully that will help everyone play better and faster.”

Instead of splitting reps three ways in a three-man competition for the starting job, Wilson begins 2013 as the unquestioned starter.

“The leadership role is already established, and also just the reps,” Wilson said. “Last year I was splitting a third of the reps all the way through August pretty much, so I think that will give me a bit of a boost and get me ready for the season. I’m excited about that, we have a great offense with a lot of great players with the addition of Percy Harvin, with the guys that we already have, the running backs that we have, the tight ends, and it’s going to be a good thing.”

For his part, Wilson said the passing camp he held in Los Angeles a few days before the season started, in which most of the offensive skill position players attended, helped get a head start on offseason training.

Wilson also said he gained a few pounds in his lower body to help better endure the wear and tear of a long NFL season. Wilson weighed 209 pounds in his rookie season, but now carries 215 pounds on his 5-11 frame.

“I’ve worked on my legs a lot more,” Wilson said. “That’s kind of the main thing that I’ve been working on all offseason in terms of squatting a lot more and doing a lot more of movement stuff on my feet just to have that strong base. I’ve gained a couple of pounds here and there in my legs.”

Wilson said the execution of Seattle’s offense was solid on the first day of OTAs.

“I thought we did great,” Wilson said. “There were a couple of miscues here and there, but I thought we were pretty sharp.

“Compared to where we were last year, compared to where we were last week, I think we’re miles and miles ahead. The thing is can we continue to grow tomorrow, and I think that is the key.”