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Morning links: DC Quinn likes speed at LB

Ian Furness of KJR-AM talked with Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn in this audio link. Quinn said his approach and philosophy will be similar to the one already put in place by departing defensive coordinator Gus Bradley and head coach Pete Carroll.

“I think you’ll see a lot of similarities in terms of the approach, information, game planning and in terms of getting the players ready,” Quinn said. “It was important for me to leave and have the ability to do that (serve as defensive coordinator) down in Florida, and hopefully add some things to the package as well.”

And asked if he’ll blitz more than Bradley, Quinn was vague as to what his approach will be this season.

“I think you’ll see a pretty good mix of times where we’re going to bring extra rushers, and times where we’re rushing with four,” Quinn said. “So I would hope that at the end you’d see a good mix of those.”

But Quinn did say he likes the speed Seattle has at linebacker, with K.J. Wright, Bobby Wagner and Malcolm Smith all guys who can rush the passer and drop back in coverage.

“I think the thing that jumps out is just the speed of those guys who are playing linebacker,” Quinn said. “Sometimes that translates into being a good blitzer. Sometimes it doesn’t. But the versatility for us is having a guy who can play on the end of the line, show the ability to cover, and then now when you add the pass rush element to it, I think that’s when you really develop as a player.”

Quinn also talked about new additions defensive linemen Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett and Tony McDaniel. It's worth a listen.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll is asked via Twitter what three players he would want with him if stranded on a deserted island. Check out the video below for his answer. And here’s the full set of questions Carroll answered from fans through Twitter on Thursday.

Adam Schein of ranks his top nine NFL coaches. Carroll doesn’t make the list, but is one of Schein’s notable omissions. New England’s Bill Belichick is No. 1, followed by Tom Coughlin of the New York Giants.

Washington State University product and longtime Detroit kicker Jason Hanson retired from the NFL after 21 years in the league.

Jeffri Chadiha of ESPN writes that NFL teams are playing even more importance on draft interviews and background checks in order to create better character evaluations on draft prospects. "There's no question that pre-draft interviews have become more important," said former NFL executive Ken Herock said. "That's because the character of a kid has become more important. We used to be able to hide a lot of problems that players ran into. Now you can't hide anything. So teams have to know what's going to come along with drafting a kid."