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Zorn says Quinn will enhance Hawks' QB room

Former Seattle Seahawks quarterback Jim Zorn, now the quarterbacks coach for the Kansas City Chiefs, talked with Brock Huard and Chris Egan of 710 ESPN Seattle about new Seattle backup quarterback Brady Quinn this morning.

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Zorn coached Quinn last season in Kansas City, and said the Seahawks are getting a player with a good work ethic and attitude who will work well with starter Russell Wilson.

“They get a mature QB, a guy that has been around several teams,” Zorn said. “He’s very smart. He’ll learn the system quickly. He’ll have just a great attitude, and want to work.

“And I think coming in, his work ethic and attitude we’ll be two bright spots. The thing that he has to do is just show that he can get up to speed and be a consistent player as he gets onto the field in preseason. With Brady coming into a situation that’s already solid, he’s going to add to it because of who he is, and the way he works,” Zorn said. “He won’t try and disrupt anything. He’s just going to enhance everything.”

Zorn admitted that Quinn is not proficient in running the read option game, but Seattle will emphasis his strength, which included play-action and throwing from the pocket.

“What’s going to be a different dynamic, and the Seahawks coaches are going to have to put together if and when Brady has to play because of an injury or something, is how to complement his talent as more of a drop back passer,” Zorn said. “Versus Russell Wilson, more of a guy who can move around and even create when a play breaks down. So those are the kinds of things that are going to have to be looked at more than anything else.”

And how does Seattle do that? Zorn answers below.

“No 1, the play-action talent is there for Brady,” Zorn said. “The drop-back talent is there for Brady. Probably the read option is out for Brady. And so where you eliminate one dynamic of the offense when Brady has to come in, then you work on maybe a different type of protection that would complement Brady.

“And what I like about Brady is he is very aggressive on the line of scrimmage. He’s very good with seeing a problem and solving it – he can change protections and he can vocalize it on the line of scrimmage.So where you may lose a type of play, there’s still things that Brady can do to help this team win if called upon.

As far as Russell Wilson is concerned, Zorn liked the fact that Seattle’s coaching staff did not make the read option more of a focal point of the offense.

“They utilized a little bit of the zone read, but they didn’t put all the pressure on him to make that play successful,” Zorn said. “I think the play action was a much better indicator of what they did. If football was normalized, the deeper play action game for them was I thought a brilliant aspect, and he executed it well.”

And Zorn believes there’s still room for development with Wilson heading into his second season.

“I think the improvement is going to be what he does on the line of scrimmage during a play,” Zorn said. “What he can see pre-snap, and then continue to execute after the snap – those are going to be the two most important things for him to improve on. And I’ll tell you why – teams will defend him differently, because nobody will be shocked or floored this football season. And if he can take the offense a little bit deeper and wider – a few more plays, a few more concepts – and take the stuff he does know in a deeper sense on the line of scrimmage. And I don’t even know what that is, because I’m not coaching him.

“So if he can take those further, he’ll have an even better year this year.”