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Morning links: Sherman clarifies comments about Adderall

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman appeared on NFL-AM this morning, refuting a report from the Vancouver Sun on Wednesday where he was quoted as saying half the league takes Adderall.

Sherman: “First off, I didn’t say that. It’s just another case of these writers trying to gain a little notoriety in an interview. What I said was there’s a bunch of guys on prescription for Adderall. I’ve never seen people get prescribed a performance-enhancing drug, you know what I mean?....They go so crazy when guys test positive for it, but a bunch of guys have prescriptions for it, so it’s kind of misleading.”

Sherman went on to say that although he was suspended last season for allegedly taking Adderall – a result that was overturned after he won his appeal with the league because of the mishandling of his sample – he says he never took the drug, and doesn’t know how it would affect a player’s performance.

“I'm not sure. I've never taken it," Sherman said. "So I'm not sure. From what I've learned from this whole case and everything, it somehow slows it down for people that are sped up, like ADHD. Apparently the guys are too sped up and there are breaks in their attention that the Adderall kind of bridges the breaks...and allows them to stay focused on one thing at a time."

The NFL also issued a statement to Sherman’s comments in the Vancouver Sun.

"The comments are ill-informed and inaccurate. Adderall is easily detected under current testing and will result in a suspension absent an approved therapeutic use exemption. If his statement were true, we would be seeing many more positive tests and suspensions. More importantly, his comments are irresponsible, as they ignore the serious medical risks and documented public health crisis associated with the improper use of Adderall and similar drugs."

Dave Boling of The News Tribune writes that Richard Sherman is the gift that keeps on giving, particularly on a slow news day for a columnist.

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