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Scout’s take on RB Christine Michael

Matt Berry, the Seahawks southwest area scout in charge of scouting Texas A&M running back Christine Michael, told reporters on Friday that the team got an ideal fit for Tom Cable’s zone blocking system.

“He’s a really explosive back,” Berry said. “I mean one cut, downhill, runs through arm tackles, really good balance on contact. He’s just an explosive NFL back that has a lot of talent and it jumps off the tape.”

Berry said he’s been scouting him for a couple years, and that both he and Seahawks general manager John Schneider were at Texas A&M’s game against Oklahoma in 2011 when Michael suffered his ACL knee injury.

Berry said that Michael recovered nicely from the knee surgery, and that he’s been training in Houston with Minnesota running back Adrian Peterson.

“We’re obviously aware of it with running backs and their durability is an issue,” Berry said. “But I went in there in August and Coach (Jeff) Sumlin showed me a clip of him running in August, and he looked like the same back.

“You basically just look at the movement, and he was as explosive as he was before the injury. I don’t know if he told you, but he had been working out with Adrian Peterson from that offseason in Houston, he’s from East Texas. I think he’s really worked himselfback into shape, and the traits jump of a tape.”

Berry addressed the issue of redundancy with Michael having a similar skill set to Marshawn Lynch and Robert Turbin.

“They’re all a little different,” Berry said. “He is a traditional one cut, downhill guy. Marshawn has a little bit more swag, Robert Turbin was a little different coming out last year in that their offense was totally different, and he was more lateral before he would go. Like he would pick and choose.

“Christine is just downhill now. You see the burst at the line of scrimmage, he’s physical, he has a lot of contact power, and then he has a gear where he could finish.”