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Seahawks take second RB, LSU's Spencer Ware with No. 194

The Seahawks pick the team’s second running back in this year’s draft, LSU’s Spencer Ware.

At 5-10 and 228 pounds, Ware played in 12 games and started four for LSU, finishing with 357 yards on 94 carries. Ware had another 230 yards on 18 catches.

Ware said he spent some time at fullback at LSU his freshman year. He also played baseball his freshman year at LSU as an outfielder.

“I’m a hard-nosed player,” Ware said. “That’s how I sum it up for myself. Being hard-nosed is being productive, and also hustling every opportunity I’m on the field, and just trying to make plays.”

Ware indicated that he had to overcome some obstacles during his college career, including a failed drug test for marijuana that resulted in a one-game suspension from the football team in October 2011.

LSU teammate Tharold Simon also was suspended one game for a failed drug test.

Ware said he’s pleased to join Simon in Seattle.

“I’m really excited,” Ware said. “That was my close friend in college. We had our obstacles that we had to overcome when we were there, and we stuck through it and became men.”

Ware said LSU ran some inside and outside zone running play, along with some straight power running plays.

And like Christine Michaels, Ware said that new teammate Marshawn Lynch is a player he emulated in college.

“I want to say Marshawn Lynch,” Ware said. “Just how aggressive he is. When he gets the ball in his hands, he seems like he’s angry. And that’s kind of how I feel when I get the ball. I feel like I let out some steam on someone else when the ball’s in my hand.”