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Morning links: Harvin worth the risk

Dave Boling of The News Tribune believes the rewards outweigh the risks in the Seattle Seahawks trading with Minnesota for playmaker Percy Harvin.

Boling: “When Minnesota came to town last November, Harvin was leading the NFL in total yards, and was considered to be among a handful of players in contention for league MVP honors. Carroll raved about his status as a showcase talent.

So, Harvin’s going to be a new toy for offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, who was with Harvin his first two seasons in Minnesota.

Reverses, end-arounds, bubble screens … Harvin suddenly adds hours of film study and preparation to opponents’ defensive staffs.

Just the threat of him on a reverse makes Lynch better up the middle, and any other receiver on the field will benefit from the attention secondaries have to give Harvin.”

Here’s my story on the Percy Harvin trade.

Jerry Brewer of The Seattle Times writes that the Seahawks made a bold statement by trading for Harvin. Brewer: “The Seahawks wanted more. And they wanted it now. And while the investment in Harvin is enormous, so is the statement Seattle just made about refusing to be complacent, and truly building a championship roster.”

Mike Silver of Yahoo Sports writes with Seattle trading for Harvin and San Francisco trading with Baltimore for Anquan Bolden, it’s game on in the NFC West. Silver: “The Seahawks, as the Harvin trade illustrates, aren't sweating the future. They want the 49ers' lunch money, and they want it now. At 61, Pete Carroll is the NFL's second-oldest head coach, and he's approaching this window with the same restraint and subtlety that he did 10 years ago when building a mini-dynasty at USC.”

Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports writes that Harvin’s lack of confidence in young Minnesota quarterback Christian Ponder was the final straw for Vikings’ brass. Cole: “According to two sources, the straw that broke the Vikings' back with Harvin is when he bemoaned the fact that quarterback Christian Ponder, a 2011 first-round pick, was not good enough. That came even though Ponder consistently fed Harvin the ball.”

Jim Trotter of Sports Illustrated believes it’s a mistake to think that just because Harvin had issues in Minnesota, that it will continue in Seattle. Trotter: “Certain lines have stuck with me over my nearly two decades covering the league, and one of them was provided by Reuben Davis, the massive former defensive tackle with the Chargers. Davis had a loud, commanding baritone, but it was those times when he barely spoke above a whisper that really got my attention. Like when he told me: "You need some a--holes in your locker room.”

Don Banks of Sports Illustrated believes fortune likely will favor Seattle once again in the Percy Harvin Trade. Banks: “(T)his is a win-now move for a team ready to challenge San Francisco for supremacy in the NFC, and Harvin gives Seattle another dynamic and unconventional player who threatens a defense on multiple fronts, having scored multiple touchdowns as a receiver, rusher and return man. Harvin at his best creates pressure on a defense that few players can match, and it's not often you can pick up a fifth-year talent with a fairly unique skill set while that player is very much in his prime.”

Mike Freeman of CBS Sports believes Harvin is not worth the headache. Freeman: “Harvin wanted out of Minnesota. That's clear. But what is also clear is the Vikings coaches wanted him out of Minnesota, too. Badly. Really, really badly. Harvin is a major headache -- literally and figuratively. He hates being told what to do, which makes matters difficult if, you know, you're a coach and you want to, you know, coach.”

Mark Craig of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune quotes Hall of Fame receiver Cris Carter saying the Vikings are better off without Harvin. Carter: “I’m not surprised, given the situation with him not being happy and there being so little chance of a contract extension for the type of money he wants. So they’re better off, especially with a young quarterback, trading Percy and getting something for him compared to going through the season rolling the dice.”

ESPN’s Mike Sando provides a run down of Harvin’s production by season.

This Minnesota Vikings fan writing for Deadspin isn't happy about the Harvin trade.

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman talks about the addition of Harvin with the NFL Network in this video link.

Jeff Fedotin of the National Football Post writes that the NFC West has gone from being a punch line to the best division in football.

Joe Fortenbaugh of the National Football Post says the addition of Harvin makes Seattle a scary team offensively.

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reports that the Detroit Lions are targeting Seahawks free agent defensive lineman Jason Jones. This makes sense. Jones is a Detroit native, and Lions head coach Jim Swartz was with Tennessee as the team’s defensive coordinator when the Titans drafted Jones.

Former Seahawks offensive guard Steve Hutchinson is retiring.