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Carroll favors keeping Matt Flynn

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll understands that reserve quarterback Matt Flynn would like an opportunity to earn a starting job on another NFL team.

However, Carroll might be leaning toward keeping the LSU product in the fold as part of his talented quarterback room.

“To have a caliber of second quarterback like Matt, you can’t get better than that,” Carroll said. “That’s a great deal for us. And so we’re very solidly in favor of keeping that together if we could.”

That news might not sit well with Flynn, who would like another chance to earn a starting job on another team. However, Carroll could point to 8 million reasons why Flynn should continue to remain a good soldier in Seattle.

“Matt’s got to take what comes,” Carroll said. “He’s open. He’s a great competitor. He wants to do everything he can. He wants to win our job. That’s the one he has still. He wants to go for that. If that opportunity, when that’s no longer there, he’s going to keep fighting, just like he did this season. … He wants to play. He’s sat around for awhile now. He wants to play badly, so he’s going to battle wherever he gets his chance to. Right now we’re just fortunate to have him.”

Another reason Seattle might not be in a hurry to move Flynn on is because it will be hard to find a competent quarterback with a similar skill set as Russell Wilson.

“Where are you going to find another Russell Wilson?” Carroll said. “How many of him is there? If there’s another one, we’d like to find him. It’s going to take an unusual athlete that can run exactly the same stuff, and we’re not necessarily going to be able to get that done.

“We’re going to take the best guys fighting for that third spot. Matt can run our offense, every single aspect of it. But we’re not going to run him a lot. Other than that, he’s going to be in the classic sense of a quarterback, and he can run the whole thing. He’s already proven that to us. So we’re in good shape there. It would be really exciting to have another guy that could transfer both styles of it, but I can’t imagine it. We’ll find out. We’re working on it.”

In terms of the draft, Carroll said he likes the quality of speed rushers available in the early rounds.

“We’ve got a long ways to go on figuring this out,” Carroll said. “There are some speed guys – a half dozen guys that are big, long fast guys that we have to sort out. And right now we’re just figuring out kind of who they are. But there are some guys that are interesting and exciting. We’ll see as we go through it.

“There’s some big guys inside, but not really the pass rush-oriented guys that maybe we saw when (Ndamukong) Suh and (Gerald) McCoy and those guys came out a couple years ago. But still really good football players that can help, and could help our team.”

On the ongoing beef between Richard Sherman and Darrelle Revis, Carroll had this to say: “It’s obvious that Rich has a lot of time on his hands. I haven’t read one word he said. I just see the pictures and the mouth going, and I know what’s going on. He’s just having fun with it. Richard knows what he’s doing, and he’s having fun playing with the whole thing.

“And he had a tremendous season, and a very good last season. So he has something to stand on right now. It’s better than when he used to talk when he didn’t.”

Carroll said that because Seattle is close to being a Super Bowl contender, the Seahawks will not sign a couple grizzled veterans just to push them over the top.

“We just want to keep developing our team, and allow our team to grow and mature,” Carroll said. “But we’ll still look at every single opportunity. There’s some guys out there in the later stages of their career that we will look at, but not with that thought that let’s just get a couple old guys to really put it all together. I don’t think that’s where we are.

“This team has been built really from the inside-out, with the young guys. And we’ve got some great, experienced players. But for us, this is a very young football team, and we’ll continue to grow that way.”

However, Carroll did not rule out the possibility of adding a player like recently released Green Bay cornerback Charles Woodson.

“Charles has been a good football player,” Carroll said. “I don’t know if this is the time and place or not. I know he’s looking for a spot right now. A guy of that kind of caliber, it would be a great opportunity to have him play with our young guys. I don’t know if it will ever work out, but we’ll see.”