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Seattle Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner looking forward to "smacking around" Washington Redskins receiver Santana Moss

Greetings from FedEx Field here in the nation's capital. Someone in the comments section in a previous post asked me if I’m more excited about this game, or is it just another Sunday at a nondescript NFL stadium.

And to be honest, today does feel different. There’s a lot of buzz here in the press box, with several national writers at the stadium to watch the much-anticipated match-up between Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson.

So yes, today is different. And hopefully it lives up to build up for this afternoon’s game.

Speaking of build up, I wanted to direct you to Michael Irvin of the NFL Network’s interview with Seattle cornerbacks Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner. Check out the video here.

Some notable quotes:

Richard Sherman on if the two are the best cornerback tandem in the NFL:“We’re the best defensive backs. It’d be hard to make the argument for anybody else because the way we play ball and the way we play together, there aren’t many completions out there to be had.”

Sherman and Browner on facing Washington receivers Santana Moss and Pierre Garcon. Sherman: “I don’t think they’re anything that we can’t handle.” Browner: “We played against Santana Moss last year. He did a little bit of talking, but he got smacked around a couple times. If that’s where he wants to take it, we’ll take it to smacking him around a couple times.”

Sherman: “We’re a bunch of nobodies, but we’re nobodies that you ain’t throwing the ball on.”