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Carroll confirms Bradley and Bevell are candidates for NFL head coaching gigs, but won't travel for interviews.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll confirmed that the Philadelphia Eagles asked Seattle for permission to interview defensive coordinator Gus Bradley for the team’s vacant head coaching job, and the Chicago Bears have asked for permission to interview offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell for that team’s vacant head coaching job.

But Carroll said he does not expect that to be a distraction this week. If the interviews do take place this week, neither coach will travel for the interview.

“Both of those guys have been contacted,” Carroll said. “And it’s a real positive for the program when people want to talk to your guys. I’ve always thought that that’s a real cool thing.

“There’s a time and a place. And both of our guys are very aware of what they’re doing, and what we’re in for here. And neither one of them is going to let this distract them or get in the way. There’s very limited opportunity for any of that. They’re not going to travel and go places – run around and all of that. So in all due respect for what we’re after right now, it’s low on their list. Both these guys feel exactly the same way about it.”

Carroll also made it official this afternoon, announcing that that defensive end Chris Clemons suffered a torn ACL and torn meniscus in his left knee that will require surgery.

“It’s a big loss for us in a lot of ways,” Carroll said. “Chris has been a great football player. He’s just been a symbol of consistency for the years we’ve had him. But he’s been a great leader for us, too. And a tough dude.”

Carroll said that rookie Bruce Irvin will step in and fill Clemons spot in the starting lineup. The Seahawks also will look to Greg Scruggs and outside linebacker Mike Morgan to help provide some pass rush off the edge.

“This is Bruce’s opportunity,” Carroll said. “It’s what we drafted him to play. And we’ll see how he does. We expect him to do really well as he steps up.”

Carroll said general manager John Schneider is looking for available free agents who could play the Leo position.

Carroll was asked if he felt the loose sod at FedEx Field played a role in Clemons’ injury.

“I don’t know that,” Carroll said. “As he planted, there was a push on him by the offensive lineman that kind of hit simultaneous as his foot planted, and he got caught.

“I don’t know that. The field was not a great turf to play on. There was a lot of loose footing out there.”

Carroll said the team talked about filing a complaint with the NFL about the playing surface at FedEx Field, but as of right now the team has not followed through with any type of formal, written complaint.

Carroll said that kicker Steven Hauschka has a strained lower calf.

“He feels better today than he did yesterday,” Carroll. “He really did a great job of kicking through it, and making the plays we needed him to make.”

Carroll said he’ll have some kickers come into the facility tomorrow in case Hauschka can’t play on Sunday.

Carroll also addressed J.R. Sweezy and John Moffitt splitting time at right guard again.

“They both played well,” he said. “They did a good job. Both those guys were solid in the game. They have a little different style about them, and they both came through all right. They didn’t have a lot of mistakes or things like that.”

Carroll said the two will continue to split time with the first unit.

“We just want to get good solid play out it,” said Carroll, when asked if he would like one of the two players to take hold of the position. “I think it was nice in this game to not have J.R. under the gun, where he had to play every snap of the game. We could rest him a little bit and keep him fresh, and just keep his mind clear, too.

“There was a lot to undertake for a young guy at that spot, and these guys were coming after us and doing all kinds of things. I think Tom (Cable) did a great job of mixing that for those guys.”