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Thursday injury report, etc.

CB Byron Maxwell (hamstring), S Jeron Johnson (hamstring) and Marshawn Lynch (foot) did not practice again Thursday after all had missed Wednesday’s practice.

For the Falcons, CB Christopher Owens (hamstring) did not participate. Limited were S William Moore (hamstring), DE John Abraham (ankle) and S Charles Mitchell (calf)

Defensive coordinator Gus Bradley was asked about the Philadelphia Eagles’ interest in interviewing him as a head coach candidate. “It’s flattering (but) our entire focus is on Atlanta.” The Falcons’ receiving corps “is probably the most complete we’ve faced.” He added: “They’re a very disciplined team; they don’t make many mistakes or penalties.” Missing Chris Clemons will hurt, he said, “but the next guy’s up.”

Tidbits from the locker room.

I saw Jeremy Lane delivering bags of McDonalds burgers and fries to the cubicles of various defensive backs. I suspected that making a burger run was a rookie chore. No, he said, it was just his turn. Normally, it’s Richard Sherman getting the burgers. “He’s been eating them every day the last couple weeks and he’s playing so good we’re all eatin’ them,” Lane said. Keep in mind, they have  gourmet quality food service upstairs -- with Thursday’s entrée teriyaki salmon. Don’t professional athletes need to be concerned about healthy fuel? “He’s trying to put on some weight,” Lane said. Okay, and you? “I need to gain weight, too.”

Kam Chancellor has a stuffed bear in his locker. It’s like the in the movie “Ted.” He’s taken to posing it in various places around the headquarters and taking pictures.