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Falcons 30, Seahawks 28 -- Well, it wasn't dull

Obviously, the outcome isn't what you guys wanted. The Seahawks' dreaded first half was ultimately their downfall. It's been a crazy ride this season. And the Seahawks' future is certainly bright. I want to thank all who participated on the chat each week. It was a little crazy, very passionate and always entertaining.

Let's get to it

1. The first half was a tire fire of epic proportions. What was the worst aspect of it?

2. Pete Carroll had some regrettable decisions in this game, which do you think was his worst and why?

3. It's been one crazy season. Regardless of how it ended, did it go beyond your expectations?

4. Obviously, the Seahawks have needs going into next year, what are they?

5. If you take one thing away from the season, what is it?