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Seahawks clean out lockers: Sad that one season ended, excited about next season ahead

The Seattle Seahawks spent today in meetings with their coaches and then filed into the locker room for the final time in a season that ended so painfully yesterday.

Like many of their fans, the Seahawks players were torn between the disappointment of their last-seconds loss in Atlanta and excited about what they might accomplish in the coming season and the seasons to come.

Typical was this interview with safety Earl Thomas.

"I feel like we left a lot of stuff out there," Thomas said. "We had our chances. It definitely (hurts) to be wrapping it up and everybody saying their last goodbyes. We know we’re building something great here, and this is something great to build off of next season."

On optimism for 2013: Definitely. You could just hear it in the coach’s voice in meetings today. We’re definitely going to probably have some new parts – that’s the nature of the game – but we have a great core.

On Pete Carroll's end-of-season message: It was tell-the-truth Monday, like we always do. Everyone felt the momentum shifted in that game, and how we battled and we didn’t point any fingers at each other. We definitely battled, and definitely did a great job basically getting back into the game. I think we deserved to win, but it wasn’t meant for us.