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Carpenter, Trufant still on the mend

Pete Carroll provided some updates on injured players attempting to get back on the field this week. He said that offensive lineman James Carpenter did something to his surgically repaired knee that will require further investigation. Carroll did not provide specifics on Carpenter’s condition, only to say that the team does not believe he suffered a major injury.

“He actually felt something different in the game,” Carroll said. “He felt a little, sharp pain in the game that didn’t go away. He’s overcome so much, and he’s done such a tremendous job to get to this point, that he’s been busting through it. But something did pop here that bothered him enough that he couldn’t finish the game.”

“Early indications are that there’s nothing major wrong,” Carroll said later during the press conference. “It’s just that it’s still uncomfortable for him.”

Carroll did say that he feels okay with John Moffitt at left guard for the foreseeable future if Carpenter can’t make it back onto the field. And rookie J.R. Sweezy also will get a chance to compete for playing time at both guard spots.

“If Carp has a problem getting back, then we’ll go back to getting Sweezy going, too,” Carroll said. “J.R.’s been banging away at it for some time now. And he’s grown tremendously through the time. So we feel fortunate that he would be available and ready to go, should we need him.”

The news does not sound good for veteran cornerback Marcus Truftant, who suffered a hamstring injury during Thursday’s practice last week. Carroll said that Trufant’s injury was significant, and he’d be surprised if the Tacoma native could make it back to the practice field by Wednesday.

“He had a pretty legit hamstring pull,” Carroll said. “And so I don’t know where he’ll be by the end of the week. But I know he’s still in rehab right now and all that kind of stuff. It’s going to be a challenge to get him back for the game. We’ll see what happens.”

The news is better for linebacker Leroy Hill. Carroll said Hill (ankle) should make it back on the field this week.

“He should have a chance to be better,” Carroll said. “He was close.”

Although Carroll would not say if Rice suffered a concussion on the final play of the game, the Seattle receiver is going through concussion protocol this week. Rice did suffer two concussions last year, which led to the team putting him on the injured reserve list in 2011.

“Probably we will determine on Wednesday where he is for Thursday’s practice,” Carroll said.

Carroll said that Red Bryant is sore today after playing with plantar faciitiis against Chicago.

“He played at right around 30 plays, which we wanted to really cut it back,” Carroll said. “He just popped out of it on game day. We thought he was going to have trouble. We didn’t think he was going to play. But he worked out very well, and he was ready to go. But it’s going to linger a little bit.”

Carroll again gushed over quarterback Russell Wilson’s calmness during high-pressure situations. He used a example from the game to show his point. On the game-winning touchdown play to Sidney Rice, everyone was trying to find out if the play was a touchdown or not, but Wilson was more concerned about Rice’s health as trainers tended to him in the end zone.

“It was a very unusual situation because everyone was on the field at the time,” Carroll said. “And I got to Russell, and all he could do was show his concern for Sidney. It wasn’t about the game, or what had just happened, or the play that was just made, or are the officials going to make the call, or are they going under the hood – none of that.

“He was just so calm about everything that had just happened, and he was just concerned for his teammate. That really struck me. He has a tremendous level of awareness and poise – that’s surprising that anybody can be like that, not a rookie, or a young guy in his first shot.

Asked if he had coached any other quarterback with that same type of awareness, Carroll said USC quarterback Matt Barkley.

“He was a guy that impressed me really early that was very, very comfortable with the make-up of the position,” Carroll said about Barkley, who started as a true freshman when the Seattle head coach was still coaching the Trojans.