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Transcript of Pete Carroll's postgame press conference


(Opening…) We had, obviously, a very good day today, and it was actually a reward to the players for working so hard and executing well in this game.  All phases gave us a great chance to have a heck of a day.  The turnovers were the story.  You have to do well when you get eight.  We took advantage of the score.  Richard’s play, and then we score on a mishandled punt.  Just a lot of good stuff.  I love that we ran for 280 yards today and did not have to throw the football very much and just didn’t need to.  We took care of the field position opportunities, we didn’t get all touchdowns, but we scored.  It was a very solid day, fans were great, place was crazy.  I am glad for them to have a chance to see a game like that and have fun with it.  We enjoyed it all.

(On whether there was anything the team didn’t do today, that he wanted them to… ) We did have a bunch of penalties today. It was crazy stuff that happened. The bad ones were the ones after the whistle, pushing and shoving.  Other than that, that was really the only thing that we didn’t get done today.

(On what you learn from this game…) This was really a different game.   This is so much different than everything we’ve played.  It’s a nice reward; sometimes you get a chance to win big like that, and we haven’t had many since we’ve been here.  It’s just fun for the guys; everybody got to play.  We got everybody in there, we had the older guys watching the younger guys.  It’s a good reward for the hard work.

(On the running game, and getting Marshawn Lynch going…) It was great, and Turbin gets 100 yards, too.  And Marshawn broke a personal record or something today, which is great.  That’s been a defense that has been troublesome for us; to look at where we were the first game and how we played them this time; we played much better.  Our guys up front handled all the pressure; they kept throwing stuff at us and we picked things up really well, and gave us a chance to have a really good solid day.  That’s an accomplishment; we’re growing, we’re getting better, and this is an indication of that.

(On this game being a reward for the team…) It’s a reward for all of the hard work.  You work so hard and so often, the games don’t afford you that opportunity.  For everybody to play, everybody to contribute, so many guys can get on the stats sheets and all that stuff, and contribute; it’s really very positive.

(On getting a chance for more people to play… ) For the corners in particular, to get those guys out there today.  Jeremy played well, we actually saw Jeremy and Byron and those guys alternate in nickel situations, so they got some good playing time, some good fourth quarter time, which was good for us.  Across the board, Scruggs was playing a lot.  It’s great to see those offensive line guys get into the fourth quarter.  I was happy to have Matt have the opportunity to play.   He needs to get on the field.   Matt needs to throw the ball a few times; he might not have thrown the ball quite as much, but he needed to get some throws in just to get him some play time.   It’s been really hard for Matt to have to sit back and watch this; he came in here to be the starter, and it hasn’t worked out, but he’s a fantastic football player, and he deserves the play.  I’m thrilled that we got the chance to get him some significant playing time today.

(On taking the long shot on Fourth Down…) On any of the balls that we threw in the fourth quarter, Matt just needs to throw the ball around some.  We did a little bit of everything.  Some quick game, a couple of nakeds getting out of the pocket, and a little bit down the field, just to get him a chance to get some confidence.  Hopefully, everybody understands that.

(On Robert Turbin…) Robert had over 100 yards today, which was great.  He ran fast and hard today.  He looked really good.  Leon ran well, too.  That’s all because of the guys up front.  They really came off the ball in great fashion today.  It was terrific for those guys to get opportunities.  Did Robert score?      Leon got his touchdown, which was great.  It’s beneficial for everybody, we got out of the game healthy; Maragos had a strained hammy or something, but other than that we came out clean.    That’s hugely important for next week.

(On Leroy Hill…) No.  He was ready to play, he had a good workout before, so we dressed in case we needed him, but we would rather hold him if we could.  I don’t know how Malcolm did, but I think he did pretty well again.  He looked like he was active.  That’s really a plus for us going as we’re going forward.

(On the win today…) It’s a big boost for everybody.  Everybody had a blast in the locker room, all the young guys contributed as well.  We’re taking this as a reward for the hard work.

(On the play of Anthony McCoy…) It was really exciting to see Anthony get his chance and get in the open field.  He’s a dynamic football player, he’s played terrific ball for us, blocking well.  We got great spacing in there today.  The play where he was running down the field, he and Sidney are working, and it is really great to see that happening.  The tight ends had a big day; Zach had a touchdown today, too, and made some nice grabs, so it was a good outing for those guys.