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Cardinals postgame quoteables: Ken Whisenhunt, John Skelton, Darnell Dockett and more


(Opening statement…) “I want to start out by saying, I want to apologize to our fans and everybody associated with our organization. That was embarrassing today. We owe it to them, our fans, our supporters, to give them a better product, a better job than what we did today. We have to work to get better than that.”

“We can’t have six turnovers in the first half. We let it get away from us at that point. Unfortunately some of better players made mistakes in that game that really hurt us.”

(Thoughts on the game…) “I thought we started off very well in that opening drive. Then we had a third down that seems like, it was how our season has gone the last nine weeks. The ball comes out, doesn’t hit the ground and they (Seattle) pick it up and move it down the field. There are no excuses.”

(Do you think your team played hard the entire game…) “I just hope it’s like what happened to the Jets on that Thursday night game. That was one of those games. We all saw that on Thanksgiving night, there were a bunch of turnovers that all came in a row. I didn’t think it was a non-competitive thing in the first part of (our) the game. Obviously when you give them three touchdowns off turnovers, or plays like that, it can get away from you.”

“I’m disappointed we gave up three hundred yards rushing. But I don’t have any issue with the character of our players and the way that I know they will respond to this.”

(Do you think your guys were ready to play…) “I think that’s fair. It appeared to me that our guys were ready to play when we started game. When we got the opening kickoff and we moved the ball down the field in that environment, it appeared to me that we were ready to play. It did get away from us and we did not handle it very well from that point.”

(Did your team’s offensive problems recently hurt your team…) “There’s no question. When were not doing anything offensively, we are not converting third downs. We had an opportunity on that first drive on the third down. Unfortunately, we threw the ball to Larry (Fitzgerald) and the ball comes out. Like I said if the ball hits the ground there, you punt and you potentially move them back deep. That changes the game, but it  goes to their (Seattle’s) guy.”

“I think where we are is a factor of us having lost a lot in a row. Mentality wise its tough. But there’s no question that when we have struggled, like we have struggled offensively the last couple of games, it makes it tough.”

(Did the team let down later in the game…) “I will have to look at it on tape. I didn’t get the sense that there was any pulling back. I felt like we made some mistakes. But let’s give those guys credit.”

“When you get into a game like that and your down, our guys played hard. Our guys didn’t want to come off and they had pride. We just didn’t make the plays that we needed to make.”

(Were you okay with Seattle trying to score late in the game…) “It’s our job to stop it. That’s what it really comes down to. You have to give them credit. Their doing there thing. I have no comment on that other than to say, its our job to stop them and we didn’t get that done.”

(Are you nervous about keeping your job…) “There is nothing I can do about that. We all know what this business is. I’ve been in it a long time as a player and a coach, I’m not worried about that. I know how we work and how we prepare and all you can do is stick with that.”

(Thoughts on your team’s quarterback play today…) “Obviously I’m disappointed about that. Let’s face it, in this league, part of our struggles have been tied to that position. You have to have something there that can cover up for some other areas and were not getting that. It seems like were getting the other direction sometimes. That’s frustrating and disappointing but you can’t throw your hands up in the air and quit, you have to keep working.”

“It’s a hard position to play. I have seen a lot of teams struggle. Ours is documented because we had a player that played very well at that position a couple of years ago. We haven’t had a player like that approach that level in the last couple of years.”

(Thoughts on Russell Wilson…) “From what I have seen off the tape he is doing a good job. He’s is smart, he makes good decisions. He can extend the play in the pocket. He looks like a good young player. He’s a good fit for what they do.”


(On putting this game into words…) “Ass kicking. That’s the only thing you can say. For them to come out and dominate the way they did in every phase of the game its embarrassing. But we have three games left, I think the people in this locker room have enough pride to come out for these next three weeks and keep working.”

(On the first drive seeming to click until the turnover…) “Yeah we tried to do something a little out of the norm with what we do. We threw the ball early with the play-fake and then with the boot trying to move the pocket and we got two positive plays there to start. Obviously anytime you get a turnover its going to kill the drive and kill the momentum, anything that you’ve built up and that’s what happened to us today.”

(On the throw to Larry Fitzgerald…) “It’s a tight window, that is really the one place to go with the ball. I could have helped Larry by putting it more into his chest. The guy was coming inside out so if I lead him he gets hit. It’s a play Larry usually makes, we expect him to make it, its not an excuse for me.”

(On what you can take away from this game…) “I said earlier this was an old fashioned ass-kicking. They beat us in every aspect but I think that we have enough prideful guys in this locker room that we will come back Monday, come back for the next three weeks and try to get the W’s because at this point that is all you can do.”

(On what you can focus on…) “After a game like this I don’t think you focus on one thing, its across the board. Offensively we have a lot of holes we have to fill. A lot of guys are doing everything they can but we have to find ways to do more. We will go from here and see how these next three weeks play out.”

QB RYAN LINDLEY(On how he feels…) “Obviously better than last week, I don’t know. When you get in a situation like that it’s difficult. Work your craft your I guess. I don’t know what to say after that.”

(On what he learned from last week….) “Just be loose, be confident and trust yourself. Take what you see and react to it.”

(On how hard it is to come into a situation like today…) “You just want to get the guys going and finish the game. Its all about pride at that point so just come in and play football.”


(On his assessment of the defense in the second half…) “Everybody was in. Seattle came to play. They had a hell of a tempo and it showed too. I was surpised to see them go for it on 4th and 26 but they came out and made more plays than we did.”

(On if the loss was more of what Seattle did or Arizona…) “A little of both. You have to go out there and play hard. We have three more games and we have to try to finish the best way we can.”


(On if feels speachless today…) “I still don’t have much to say. This is the NFL we have a lot of pride. Obviously this is not the way you want go on the road and play against a division team. That is definetly not the way you want to do it.”

(On what there is to be salvaged from this game…) “There is a lot to be salvaged. We are playing for our jobs. We are professionals. We have a lot of pride in what we do. So we have a lot to play for.”

(On the ball that was stripped…) “I caught it simulanously while I was falling down. I think it was Wagner that got his hands on it and it went up in the air and he got the pick so it was not the way you want to start off your first drive, especially when we had some many positive plays. We were getting into the flow of things, that was definetly a momentum killer.”

(On if Arizona’s problems were centered on the quarterback…) “No I don’t think it was the quarterback. That is a good football team. That is a team that is most likely going to be playing in the playoffs and if you don’t come out and play well things get out of hand. I would never imagine a game like this. You have to give them credit. They played hard today.”

(On if Russell Wilson is the difference from the Seattle team they beat last year…) “Russ made a couple of nice plays today but primarily they did most of their damage on the ground. McCoy had a good day, he made some nice plays for them. Defensively they caused, I don’t know, seven turnovers? I mean its tough to win in this game when you give the other team the ball. It wasn’t pretty.”

(On if it will be hard for Arizona to bounce back…) “I don’t think so. We can’t let what happened last week or the week before dictate how we move toward the future. We have to work hard everyday and give our best effort. We have to go out there and compete until the end on Sundays. This team is going to continue to do that.”

(On if he can put this one behind him…) “Yeah no question. We have to. What choice to we have? We have to put this one behind us, get back on the board and get ready for a really good Detroit team coming in here.”


(On the outcome…) “It was ugly. It was frustrating. We talked about how we have to stop the run. For them to have success they have to run it well. For us to have success we have to stop it. The bleeding started last week against the Jets. They were having a lot of success runing the ball, especially late in the game. Today it just continued. Once it started, and the turnovers happened it got to the point where the snowball couldn’t be stopped. Once they gained the momentum it just never stopped. Then guys started pressing, trying to make plays which, when you find yourself in a situation like this, a team on an 8-game slide, everybody wants to try and do more. What you really need to do is your job, your responsbility, and play smart football. But unfortunatetly…you can’t fault guys. They want to press, trying to make a play, do something spectacular, and it backfired on them today.”

(On if we anticipated the outcome like this…) “Not at all. Coming into this game we thought it would be tough, hard-fought game and somebody would step up and win it in the fourth quarter. I thought it would be low-scoring game too—nice young defenses that have been battling all season. But it turned into a blowout. We did not see this coming. We made too maky mistakes. You can’t turn the ball over. Once we started turning the ball over and it got to, I think, 17-0, guys started pressing, trying to make plays, especially defensively, guys getting out of their gaps. Hats off to them (Seattle); they made the plays.”


(On his mishandled punts…) “The first one, I wish I could have that one back. It just bounced off my hands. The second one, I thought they did a great job coming back and just stripping the ball out. I thought it was secured well. He just pulled it out from the back. I am doing (trying) to the best of my abilities to put this team in great field position and make something happen, give this team a spark. Anything I need to do to try to get us going.”

(On if things snowballed for them…) “We didn’t fit the gaps well, blown a couple of assignments on those long passes. We just didn’t play well in any phase of the game today. Offense, defense, special teams. Its just a tough long brutal season. Now it’s a 9-game losing streak and we just have to find a way to get out of it.”

(On if he saw this result coming…) “No that’s tough. What was it 58-0? That is definetly a tough L to take. Those guys had a great game plan. Those guys played the opposite of what we did. They played much better. They had a great game plan on offense. At the end of the day we just have to man up and don’t let people put up points on us like that.”