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Lem’s scouting report: No overlooking Bills

Every week I usually stop by Seattle Seahawks backup center Lemuel Jeanpierre to get his scouting report on the opposing team’s defensive line.

It’s usually a pretty good conversation. Jeanpierre does a nice job of providing some insight on the opponent, so I thought I would share part of that conversation with you today.

Lem, what are your thoughts on the Buffalo Bills defensive line overall?

Lem: “They’re a very good defensive line, I’ll tell you that. They re remind us defensive line-wise of Chicago. They have a little movement, they’re quick with their movement yet they’re also powerful. And they’re sturdy in their gap.

“Records in the NFL can fool people, but when you actually watch them, they’re a very good defense.”

What do you think of the nose tackle, Marcell Dareus?

Lem: “He’s a first rounder. Good size, yet he’s quick.

“He can surprise you with a lot of things. He’s very quick. You’ve got Kyle Williams. He’s vet, and he’s very strong, powerful and holds his gap. If you don’t bring your lunch bucket, he’ll come after you.

And the ends, they’re real athletic. And they’re pretty big ends, too. I think one end is 6-5 and 270 pounds (Mark Anderson). And then you've got Mario (Williams) on the other side, and you know what he can do.”

Jeanpierre said Coach Carroll is referring to today’s game as the NFL championship of Canada, with this being the only league game being played north of the border.

Lem: “When you hear him talk, every game is a championship game. From Week 1 all the way through. So this is a big game for us. We’re in that mindset in that we need them all.”