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Seahawks 50, Bills 17 --- rocked them Gagnum Style

Of course, I referenced what might be the single worst song that's being played since "Call Me Maybe" or "Who Let the Dogs Out" or "Macarena" or "Ice, Ice Baby." That might have been the only bad part of the game today. The Seahawks were outstanding. Russell Wilson was amazing and they didn't run the score up on the Bills, no matter what Herm Edwards thinks.

Let's get to it ...

1. The Seahawks are sitting at 9-5 following two huge blowout wins .... be honest, did you expect them to be this good this season? Why or why not?

2. So the fake punt ... up 30 ... um, well, yeah ... your thoughts?

3. Game ball goes to ...

4. There was some debate on the chat, but what are your thoughts on the Seahawks defense as a whole.

5. Predictions for tonight's Niners-Patriots game.