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Hawks OC Darrell Bevell talks no-huddle

Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell explained the reasons for his unit’s success moving the ball with the no-huddle, pointing to Seattle’s ability to establish some rhythm, play fast and think less, which benefits his young offense.

Bevell also said one of the reasons that quarterback Tarvaris Jackson has been successful in the no-huddle is because he knows the offense from his time in Minnesota, and gets the rest of the players lined up quickly and in the right play according to what the defense is doing.

“It’s not a frantic thing,” Bevell said. “We’re setting the pace – at which pace we want to go at. There were times that we were in it, and then we jumped back in the huddle, came out and went for a couple more plays and then came back to the huddle.

“And it did help with converting third downs. We had more manageable ones obviously. And I think that helped as well.”

Bevell also talked about the affect no-huddle has on the defense’s ability to substitute and match the offense’s personnel on the field.

“The way the league has the rules, when you substitute they’re going to slow it down a little bit and let the defense have a fair opportunity to substitute. But if you’re not subbing you can go as fast as you want. And you saw last week – we can talk about the rules if you want – but it was hurting them. I mean there were guys that were down, that hopped back up and ran back over on their defensive side.

“So you could see that it hurt them a little bit just because the tempo was picked up. But we’re playing at the same tempo, so our guys have to be in great shape to be able to handle it, and to continue to go up and down the field at that pace.”

The other obvious question is does Seattle have enough plays in the no-huddle package to sustain a diversified offensive attack for the entire game?

“If you asked that question probably three ago, it was probably no,” Bevell said. “But as you continue to do it, like we did in that second half, then you need to grow. And so we grew it a little bit from two weeks ago for last week. … But we don’t want to go too fast and have too much because. … the more you give them, no you jut bog them back down again. So that’s the fine line that we’re fighting with a little bit.”

Here’s the injury report.

For Seattle, offensive lineman Robert Gallery (groin) is out.

Safety Kam Chancellor (quad), defensive lineman Anthony Hargrove (hamstring), tight end Zach Miller (knee), linebacker Malcolm Smith (hamstring) and receiver Mike Williams (concussion) did not practice.

Cornerback Byron Maxwell (ankle) was limited participant in practice.

For New York, cornerback Prince Amukamara (foot), center David Baas (neck), linebacker Michael Boley (knee), running back Brandon Jacobs (knee), defensive end Justin Tuck (groin/neck) and cornerback Corey Webster (personal) did not practice.

Defensive tackle Rocky Bernard (ribs) and defensive end Osi Umenyiora (knee) were limited.