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Tarvaris Jackson says offense more confident

Scoring 21 points in a half can do wonders for a team’s confidence.

Just ask Seattle Seahawks quarterback Tarvaris Jackson. He believes his team will build off last week’s second-half performance against Atlanta last week.

“The second half after we started scoring and moving the ball down the field, every time the defense got us the ball back, we felt like we were going to score,” Jackson said. “And I know I wasn’t the only one that felt like that. It was like, no matter what the defense did, they were going to be wrong and we were going to find a way to score. That’s a confidence booster for all of us as an offense. And for our defense too, knowing that we’re going to go out there and fight our butts off every week to try and put points on the board."

Jackson said he’s expecting to face an active, aggressive defensive front when Seattle takes on the Giants on Sunday.

“They’re going to rush the passer,” Jackson said. “They’re going to get to you sometimes. You just have to make sure when they do, you don’t do anything stupid and make any big mistakes like turn the football over. Make sure you secure the football in the pocket."

But Seattle’s young offensive line also has another week under its belt. The Seahawks gave up no sacks last week, although the Falcons did not blitz much. They’ll be facing a team in the Giants who also like to create pressure with just the front four, which potentially could allow Seattle to continue to expand its playbook.

“It’s the point of us having the trust of the coaches to be able to call plays down field,” Jackson said. “If you’re not protecting long, you can’t really call the longer plays, and you’ve got to try and get the ball out of your hands, or you have an extra guy in there protecting, so that’s one less guy in the route the defense has to worry about.

“So with the guys doing such a great job, we can kind of expand the playbook a little more and just play free. And we’ve got more guys in routes that can wiggle open, so we can get those plays down field.”

Jackson also said this game is an important one for Seattle heading into the bye week because the Seahawks could fall to as many as three games back in the NFC West if they lose on Sunday, and San Francisco wins at home against Tampa Bay.

“We’re not happy with our 1-3 start,” Jackson said. “The sense around here is guys are positive moving forward, and we see growth in us as our team, and guys are just pushing trying to get better each day. So that’s our main focus right now to try and get better.

“Obviously we want to win this game going into our bye week to give us some momentum coming out of our bye week. And we know that we’ve got to start making a push now to start working towards the playoffs.”