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Curry fall-out

Okay, so, it would be easy to say that Seahawks blog posters no longer have Aaron Curry to kick around. But are you really ready to be done yet? Didn't think so. Some in the media have tried to measure him against the great sports busts in Seattle history. (I've included one of those links). To me, that seems about as enjoyable as going back and rating your colonoscopies.

Perhaps more productive would be to try to answer the question of why this happened. What was it nobody could see in Curry? His teammates who talked yesterday were respectful and offered well-wishes. I thought Red Bryant had some good insight when he wondered, simply, if Aaron was really prepared for what he was in for. We can expand that basic question. Did he come out of Wake Forest ready to pass rush against the NFL's best left tackles? Was he really schooled in coverages and schemes? And was he in any way aware of how much people would expect of him?

His raw and rare athleticism allowed him to compensate for so many of those issues in college, but that degree of advantage was not there in the NFL. As they continued to try to find roles for him, he seemed increasingly less comfortable, and less at ease to just play the game and exploit his physical talents. I believe his confidence was damaged early, and from that point, he was never the same. Stats seem to support that.

As I thought back, I felt as if the most productive stretch of his career was probably his first few games, when he was still confident of his abilities. A look at the stats bears that out. In his first five games, he had 32 tackles with two sacks and two forced fumbles. He finished his career as a Seahawks with only 5.5 sacks and four forced fumbles. In that stretch, his game against Jacksonville was a stunner: 10 tackles, a sack and a forced fumble. That was the kind of performance Curry, fans, staff and media came to expect. When it didn't happen, Curry had some realities to face, and he was never really the same.

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