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Pete's tweets: Trivial or bothersome?

What did you think when you saw or heard of Pete Carroll exchanging tweets with LeBron James, including one in which he sent a picture of a mock-up Seahawks jersey with LeBron's name on it? James is out of work during the NBA labor issue, and there had been some kidding (I assume) about him hooking on with an NFL team.

Carroll's Twitter account is active, including give-and-takes with owner Paul Allen, and song-of-the-day suggestions. Some wonder if it's actually the coach doing it, and I assume it is. I'll confess to being old school, but work at keeping an open mind. I could not think of any other NFL coaches who would do such a thing as it would seem an opening for the expected fan criticism: Why aren’t you watching film or something else to make the team better instead of jacking around with LeBron?

But Carroll definitely is different, and his approach seems to have the team trending upward, so I dismissed it as a trivial bye-week diversion unworthy of comment. Frankly, I would be far more concerned about his unconventionality in sending his quarterback on a read-option play, or trying a 61-yard field goal on a wet field when you still had a time out in hand.

I brought it up this morning because it's bye week for fans, too, and as I was sorting through the internet for links to Seahawk-related content to share, I saw a fairly lengthy discussion of the matter on a clip from ESPN’s First Take in which Skip Bayless says: “It just looks wrong … it’s out of line … if I’m a Seahawks’ fan, I don’t like it.” So, I'm curious of your opinion on the issue.

I wouldn't have gone much further on the Aaron Curry-trade debate, but former Seahawk linebacker Dave Wyman had some insightful points on the 710ESPN site on Curry's deficiencies.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter lists a Carson Palmer-to-Seahawks trade as one he thinks should be made but won’t. He has the Hawks hypothetically shipping a second- and fourth-round pick to Cincinnati for the 31-year-old Palmer. He claims it would be a smart deal for Cincy, but does not address the Seahawks’ perspective. I agree only that it is an unlikely deal.

In another bye-week diversion in the place of cogent dialogue, we offer an update on the football success of a second-generation quarterback with a familiar name. reports on Angela Rypien, quarterback of the Seattle Mist in the Lingerie Football League, and daughter of Mark Rypien. You will remember Rypien from Washington State and Super Bowl MVP for the Redskins. He was with the Seahawks for a few minutes during training camp one summer at the end of his career. Not that I was inappropriately studying the accompanying picture, but I noted that Angela wears the No. 11, as had her father. Also, she reportedly drew a personal foul penalty for punching an opponent.